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3 Wights-Vaettir Elf Dwarf Giant Portal Ring Norse Viking Shaman Sorcery
3 Wights-Vættir




Portal Ring
Norse Viking
Shaman Sorcery
  I’m honored to present you with this beautiful Magick Ring attuned to the Nordic Wights/Vættir. They were summoned by a Viking Shaman utilizing Seidhr, Ancient Nordic Invocations, Sacred Texts, Occult Oils and appropriate Moon & Planetary Alignment. They are exceedingly rare! The Vættir have eagerly come forward to change your life for the better! The Vættir are also called Wights and they are Olde World Norse Nature Spirits. Each sparkling gem in this ring is a portal to that specific Wight/Vættir:
Cobalt Blue:
Hellir Dvergar (Cavern Dwarves) :
The Hellir Dwarves are a short, stocky race who dwell deep underground among caverns filled with gold, diamonds and other priceless gems. Dwarves are fierce Warriors and physically powerful, possessing a strong disposition and unrelenting energy. They are able to work long hours directly in the sweltering heat of their mighty kilns. Possessing a deep understanding of Magick, Dwarves can create permanently enchanted, Magickal items. They created Thor's magic hammer, Mjolnir; Odin's spear, Gungnir; the Magickal golden ring Drapnier, Goddess Freya’s necklace, Brisingamen as well as many other remarkable objects. They bless you with: lavish jewels & riches, wealth & prosperity, help you find hidden treasure, good fortune, makes certain items (that are meant for you) are invisible to others until you can obtain them, personal success, career/business success, assistance in Enchanting/Spellcasting objects and they can also help keep you grounded.

Soft Yellow :
Solar Álfar (Solar High Elves) :
The Solar High Elves are Ethereal beings of light, with a soft glowing aura. They are incredibly beautiful, standing about 6 ft. tall and they wear flowing sheer fabrics. They have warm, generous eyes and pale, smooth skin, and silken hair. As keepers to the knowledge & Magick of anti-aging, they don’t appear to age after 30. These loving & benevolent beings retain a supernatural calm & grace. Their Magick is some of the most powerful and they can perform extraordinary Spellwork, much of which is inconceivable by human standards; such as the ability to heal rapidly, shapeshift, teleport, tissue/organ regeneration, mind reading, mind control, x-ray vision, and much more. They bless you with: powers of beauty, physical enhancement, allure & attraction, love-finding or keeping, increasing libido & eroticism, sharing of Secret Occult Knowledge, opening of your 3rd eye, psychic enhancements, spiritual, energetic & physical healing for both you & others, and uplifting happy energy.
Sky Blue :
Frost Jötnar (Frost Giants) :
There are many varieties of Giants with particular abilities, and only a few of them have Magickal powers. Typically they are enormous in size, super tall and tremendously physically strong. Frost Giants are some of the most powerful Giants. They have bluish skin and typically have long, shaggy hair that is either light brown or white. Dressing in furs or skins, these enormous beings radiate cold. Frost forms on metal and rocks near them. If you feel a cold chill or notice something cold, the Frost Giants are near! They bless you with: protection against demons, negative Energy & Entities; reversing hexes, demolishing obstacles, increasing power to your Spells & Magickal workings, strength, courage, Weather Magick and increased physical energy/endurance.
There is no 1 Spirit for you to bond with, the Wights will automatically come through the Portal to bring you their guidance, wisdom, teach and bestow you their blessings. They are not limited by the areas listed and can certainly assist you with anything you so desire. These benevolent Spirits take great pleasure in helping their human companions. They are also powerful wish-granting Spirits that ask favors of the Norse Gods to make your innermost desires come true!
Your purchase is for one radiant 3 Wights Vættir Portal Ring composed of hypoallergenic stainless steel. Please choose your size from the drop-down menu. No formal ritual required. They are active & ready to bless your Life! Wear, carry with you or keep in a special place.

All information will be included in your shipment.

3 Wights-Vaettir Elf Dwarf Giant Portal Ring Norse Viking Shaman Sorcery

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