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16", 18", 20" or 24" Sterling Silver Recharging Chain
The Original
Spellcast Sterling Silver
Recharging Chain

(picture is for demonstration purposes only, a mulet is not included)

Your fine Magickal jewelry pieces are Precious items, designed to last a lifetime, however proper care is required to ensure the lasting beauty and Magickal properties of your talismans. This Spellcast Recharging Chain will Gently & Safely Cleanse any type of Magickal Amulet, Bead, Ring or other Talisman you’d like to wear! Negative energies are everywhere (including handling from other people~ even with the best of intentions) and your talisman unintentionally absorbs these destructive energies. Once placed on this chain, the negative energies are continually dispersed throughout the day and your item will be fully energized and recharged!

I personally Empower these Chains during Full Moon Rituals called “Celestial Connection”~ which harnesses the power of the Moon and Planets to Protect your talisman from reabsorbing any negative energies while being worn. You can Wear ANY type of Spirit combination and their Energies will stay separate but in Unison with your Aura. Or you could purchase a chain for each different type of Spirit you own, ie., one for just Djinn, one for just Faeries, etc. While your Amulet or Ring is on this chain, if you are wearing it or not, it will be protected with a constant, invisible barrier against negative energies, while keeping your Spirit at its optimum performance levels! You can also wear this Chain for Spellcast items, charms, amulets or rings, etc. You can wear any item combination together without their energies interfering with each other; in fact they will work harmoniously together!

This is a gorgeous single strand in your choice, 16", 18”, 20” or 24” Snake Chain of .925 sterling silver. These Chains are Silky Smooth & glide across your skin, very High Quality! A beautiful, stunning item any Spirit or Spellcast Talisman would be happy to be displayed on!

There is no formal ritual required or anything special you need to do, simply slide your Amulets or Rings on & Enjoy! The chain never needs any special treatment ~ it automatically recharges itself during every Full Moon. If you wear it often and notice it getting dull, you can use a sterling cleaner on it without affecting its Magickal Abilites. You could also just wear the Chain with nothing on it for an Aura Cleansing Energy Boost!

This Chain is Perfect for Men or Women- People on the GO, like me! I Created this idea for the ease and convenience of using something that works with you! A Recharging Chain negates the need for a recharging box, but do know that no harm would be done if you decided to use a recharging box in conjunction with this Chain.

Proud to be your only source for these Magickal Chains anywhere in the World! I Invented this idea back in Feb. of 2009 and so many people have experienced tremendous activity after placing their talismans on these Chains! Many happy buyers keep returning for more! Buy in Confidence! When you purchase from me, you know you’re dealing with a seller who ranks among the most successful sellers in terms of product sales and customer satisfaction! Thanks so much to all of my buyers!

16", 18", 20" or 24" Sterling Silver Recharging Chain


    S​tarry 1 Night

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