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1111 Angelic Guardians of the Universe Ring

There are many people who feel that there is nothing special or out of the ordinary about seeing the time 11:11 on a clock. But for others, seeing these numbers frequently showing up in their lives gives them a peculiar or surreal feeling. Many people experience the numbers 11:11 jumping out at them several times a day. You are not expecting to see these particular numbers when you look, but there is no denying the strange feelings and sensations that one often experiences when seeing the 11:11 at the most unusual and unexpected moments. 


This Ring has been imbued with 1,111 Angelic Guardians of the Universe. They have come to help open your Awareness and bring you profound Spiritual Enlightenment. When you welcome this Ring, you have the power to change your environment and create new conditions to build a new body and a new life. You will notice the number 11 much more and begin to work with these signs to change your life! When you see this number, you can make a wish to the Angelic Guardians ~ any wish that comes to you at that point in time. Take comfort in knowing they will hear you and begin to work on bringing you that which you seek. You don’t have to make a wish each time you see it, if you so desire, you can just stop and take a moment to be thankful for the blessings you currently have in your Life and to send love & light out into the Universe. You will always get back more than what you give; 11:11 can remind you of infinite potentiality of the Universe. The Angelic Guardians will always be loving, guiding & protecting you at all times and give you the sign of 11’s to show you they are there and they love you. The 1,111 Angelic Guardians also bring blessings of DNA Activation. Our DNA, (our genetic memory) is encoded prior to our birth. DNA is triggered at times by certain codes or "frequencies" such as those of the number 11. This causes the mind to awaken or change, resulting in the evolution of the consciousness. This number is pre-coded into a Lightworker’s DNA, (or consciousness/memory) prior to their incarnation into a physical body here on Earth. 11:11 resonates for Lightworkers, allowing them to remember who they are, and what they are here to do. Lightworkers all share a similar aspect of the universal consciousness, which is the desire to help change the world in some positive way. Everyone can make a difference and anyone can be a Lightworker, if they so choose.


This beautiful Ring has also been imbued with a plethora of Spells to assist the Lightworkers, Star Seeds, Healers, Psychics, Sensitives, Empaths, Channellers and all Divine Multidimensional Beings. Even if you don’t feel like you fit into any of the above ‘labels’, that does not mean you cannot benefit from the power of this Ring – it is meant for anyone seeking to communicate and connect with Spirits and/or those seeking a deeper Spiritual Awareness & Awakening. It does not matter what kind of life you’re living, the mistakes you’ve made in the past, or your religious affiliation – if you feel you resonate with this Ring, you will benefit from it. 


If you're not sure about purchasing this ring, watch for the number 11 to stand out like never before. Take heed to these signs & welcome your Ring. The 1,111 Angelic Guardians have tremendous blessings in store for You!


Your purchase is for one 1,111 Angelic Guardians of the Universe Ring with a gorgeous Amethyst-colored gem set in a hypoallergenic stainless steel setting. Please choose your size from the drop-down menu. This beautiful deep purple color was also chosen to help open your Crown Chakra Spiritual center.  This area focuses on clarity, intuition, greater sense of purpose, greater empathy, reduced anxiety, and spiritual awakening. There is no special bonding required ~ the 1,111 Angelic Guardians will automatically bring you blessings, open your awareness and take you on an exciting Spiritual journey. You do not have to wear to benefit.


All pertinent information will accompany your shipment.

1111 Angelic Guardians of the Universe Ring


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