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1 Mini Oracle Tarot Card Message FREEBIE
FREE with any purchase(s) of $100.00+. Simply add this item to your cart along with your other item(s) that are worth at least $100.00 or more. Limit 1 Freebie per order. **International buyers: your shipping fees are not included in reaching the $100.00 goal.

This listing is for 1 drawn Mini Oracle Tarot Card message, psychically chosen from one of my many Tarot decks.  I connect with my Spirit Guides to assist me in this process, and choose your card based on the energetic vibrations it emits.  The cards are face down so I have no idea what your card will reveal until it is pulled.
I am always amazed at how accurate these cards are for my clients!
Your message can help you clarify a decision, learn about your future, understand any blocks to happiness or success you may be harboring, or discern someone's true motives. These are powerful decks that will reveal your probable future based upon your current thought patterns and behavioral trends
You are not asking a question for this Message, rather, this is the message from the Universe that your Guides want you to know at this time.  The messages they impart will give you greater insight into your situation and help you make the right choices!
Due to time constraints, I am unable to expand more on the meaning of your card, but the messages are rather straightforward in the description.  This is not an expansive Tarot Card Reading.  You will receive a copy of the 1 Tarot Card's message description in your shipment.  If you purchased a non-tangible item, I will email you your card's message.

Let the Magick and beauty of this Spiritual process help guide you ~ gain further insight & clarity from the message imparted! Thanks so much!

1 Mini Oracle Tarot Card Message FREEBIE


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