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1 Lemurian Moon of Healing & Increased Blessings Amulet FREE with $100+ purchase
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  Lemurian Moon 
of Healing &
Increased Blessings

I Spellcast this beautiful gemstone moon pendant to be your personal connection to Lemuria! The lost continent of Lemuria/Mu existed in the Pacific Ocean thousands of millennia ago. The first humans existed here in a paradise of peace, love and acceptance. They lived in perfect harmony with Mother Earth and all of her gifts. They were an advanced civilization that had natural psychic abilities and utilized Lunar and Cosmic Magick daily. They imbued crystals and gemstones with secret codes that transmit Universal wisdom and unconditional love. The gemstone moons are linked to invisible energy grids that surround the Earth, which connect to the Oceans, Stars, Planets, Galaxies and other dimensions. This energy grid brings a constant flow of otherworldly healing and rejuvenation!

The energies within this Moon will bring Aura Cleansing and gentle Chakra Balancing. You can use it in healing energy work for the removal of strong energy blockages. The natural Lemurian vibrations programmed into this moon allows for not only healing, but also past life work and etheric cord cutting to remove obstacles. It will awaken the dormant DNA codes within your cells to the knowledge of Lemuria, the powers Magick and Mother Earth and your important role in this life’s existence!

All of us on are interconnected and connected with other dimensions. If you are an Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Starseed, Walk-in, Medium, Lightworker or want to enrich your human experience, then this is the perfect tool! It gently allows you to release stale negative energy, as well as any pain or struggle you may currently be facing. This healing can occur on any level, from the most mundane or physical, to the highest aspect of your Spiritual self. As you are healed, so too can you help heal Mother Earth. Like a beacon of light, the Spiritual Codes of Lemuria will shine brightly within you and in everything you do, bringing peace, joy and harmony to the world(s) in which we exist.

Wearing this pendant gently raises your vibration and therefore all negativity aimed towards you (especially from people who surround you) or negativity stuck in your Aura will be dissolved and released from your Energy field because it can no longer maintain its form at this higher level! Like a constant gentle moon glow, the energies of this pendant will gently permeate throughout your physical and spiritual bodies, opening the doorways to wealth & riches, good luck, love, psychic enhancements, new opportunities, personal empowerment and increased blessings in all areas.

Your purchase is for 1 Lemurian Moon Amulet with a silver plated bail and Recharging chain. You can choose the gemstone you’d like from the drop-down menu (Blue Goldstone, White Chalcedony, or Larvikite). Wear, carry with you or keep someplace special. It will automatically align to your personal energy. I further empowered this pendant using my large, Master Atlantian Record Keeping Lemurian Crystal Wand! They hold an overabundance of Lemurian Energy!

These gemstones each bring unique Metaphysical properties to bless your life.Blue Goldstone is a stone of wisdom and science, teaching us to reach for the stars, and reminding us of the light within darkness. It is infused with orgone copper sparkles - a powerful energy generator! Its energy can be uplifting, reminding us of the need to reduce pent-up tension and celebrate the beauty of being alive! Goldstone was created centuries ago when early monks practicing alchemy accidentally tipped molten copper into a molten glass container. This crystallized into thousands of tiny crystals and formed a melt with incredible sparkles of light!

White Chalcedony is a peaceful stone of Harmony and protects against negative influences/energies. It brings vibes of appreciation, gratitude, peace and calmness. It protects against negative forces and wards off hostility. This gem allows you to feel more self-assured, stable, confident and enthusiastic. It helps with understanding, listening, self-acceptance and memory retention. It is a powerful healing stone, especially for those who don’t feel a strong bond with their mother and/or feel deficient in having strong maternal instincts.

Larvikite This gemstone assists you in the discovery and practice of Magick, and helps you to use these supernatural powers to affect the physical world. It unlocks hidden wisdom, opens the 3rd eye and brings strong clarity. It will unleash the power of your imagination and creativity, releasing limitations and obstacles. It brings strong grounding and is perfect to root your energies before meditations or rituals. This is a stone of transformation that will clear, balance and protect your Aura. It helps provide insight into your destiny as well as attract prosperity and success.
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1 Lemurian Moon of Healing & Increased Blessings Amulet FREE with $100+ purchase

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