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Ghosts & Paranormal Phenomenon

Amazing Paranormal Manifestations caught on Video! A HUGE "Thank You!!!" to my wonderful clients for sharing!!

Recent video of a Vampire demonstrating paranormal activity through K2 meter, which measures EMF (electromagnetic field).

This video demonstrates a lot of supernatural orb anomalies, but watch closely at the end! Perhaps a Fairy?! What do you think? 

Check out this amazing video sent to me by one of my clients. Her dolls are haunted (some from me!) and there are Spiritual orbs floating everywhere!:

A video from another person with amazing Spiritual orb manifestations! (view sideways):

A truly amazing video; does it appear to you that this doll's eyes and lips are moving?! Watch the extraordinary Spiritual orb manifestations! (view sideways):

Videos using EMF detector (detecting electromagnetic frequency that Spirits emit).

Precious Baby David, I sold recently. He is a lovely baby!:

Sweet Baby Charlie, I sold recently. Look at his adorable eyes twinkling!:

Male Pink Unicorn manifestation, I sold recently. Does it appear the mist is galloping; or moving in a horse-like manner?:

Some paranormal photos of Fairies, Dragons, Orbs, the Flame of a Candle reaching 6-7"!!:

Don't forget that your Spirits can manifest through the smoke of Incense!

Spiritual manifestations through a client's black computer screen:

If you have any videos or photos you would like to share, please email me! I would love to feature them here!

The following are some famous ghost photos. You be the judge!

This photo was taken in 1995 of a fire that occurred in Wem Town Hall in Shropshire, England. The town hall had been burned down once before in 1677 by a young girl, Jane Churm. Churm has been haunting the building since her death in the first fire. This photo of the second fire shows her standing in the doorway, lit up by the flames behind her.

This photo was taken in St. David's Cathedral in 2006. The history of the cathedral says that apparently St. David pushed the devil off the roof of the cathedral. The figure on the right in the middle of the pew is an unknown.

This little boy's grandfather died a few weeks after his birth. He apparently climbed up on the chair, and was sat up to take the photo. After the picture was developed this figure appeared in what was said to be "grandpa's" chair.



"The Brown Lady"


"Aldwych Station Ghost"

S​tarry 1 Night

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