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Proper Care & Cleansing of your Magick/Haunted Talisman


Proper care and cleansing is required to having a happy Spirit and keeping the lines of communication free, clear and unobstructed! The following are my guidelines for use with the Spirited and Spellcast talismans & items I offer!


1. Cleansing:


* You can wear your sterling silver talisman in water! Water is an excellent natural purifier and source of the Planet’s cleansing energy. You can also cleanse your sterling silver talisman by using a dry silver polish cloth, be careful to avoid the gemstone if it has one. Another great cleansing method is passing your item through the smoke of incense for a few seconds. The full moon is also a perfect cleanser; place vessel overnight in moon's rays (even if cloudy, it still works), but remove before hot sun rises. Do not cleanse your crystals in sunlight, many such as amethyst and fluorite will fade in color. Never submerge any talisman in harsh cleaning chemicals. Many gemstones are water soluble, such as opals and lapis.


* You should not submerge very old talismans or Ancient artifacts in water on a repeated basis. PYou may wipe them with a damp cloth.


2. Recharge your Magick talismans as often as you deem necessary. Once a month during the full moon is adequate for most. If your talisman feels lifeless, dull and lacks energy, it is time for a recharge! I offer beautiful Recharging Boxes & convenient Recharging Chains in my Store!


3. You can keep all of your Spirited and Spellcast Magick Talismans together in one Recharge box! Some people like to keep certain types of Spirits in different boxes, and that is okay too!


4. It is perfectly fine to wear multiple Spellcast and Spirited jewelry together; rings, bracelets, earrings, amulets, etc. Their Energies will work together to bring you very strong results! I offer Magick Recharging Chains in my Shoppe, and you can wear multiple Magick Charms or Amulets on one Chain!


5. Yes, other people can touch your talisman! People are typically very drawn to looking at, commenting on and even touching Magick talismans. Just be sure to cleanse or place in a recharging box or pouch afterwards and all will be fine!

S​tarry 1 Night

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