Custom Spirit Transfer from one item to another


Have you purchased a 'Haunted' Spirit-bound or Spellcast piece of jewelry (or other item) only to find it doesn’t fit you, suit your tastes, turned your finger green, is broken or lost completely?

For this Service, I will transfer your Spirit from one item into another; or if you lost the item, I can Spiritually summon the Spirit into another item; which can be something from my store or something you provide .  If you would like me to provide the new vessel, there will be an additional charge to cover the cost of the item.  This price will vary depending on what item is chosen, so contact me for a price quote. 

The transfer can all be done distantly/remotely, so you do not have to mail me anything. 

Transferring a Spirit is a complex process; I perform specialized rituals for that specific Spirit, along with the appropriate oils, herbs, incense and incantations.  I also make sure nothing malevolent attaches itself during the process.  One needs to make sure all 'bases' are covered when performing a transfer. This ceremony is performed in one night and then your item is prepared for shipping (or if remotely done, I will email you).

I look forward to uniting you again with your loving Spirit Friend!

Price: $125.00    

Sale!: $49.99

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