Traditional 10 Card Celtic Cross Tarot Card Reading


To All Believers.....

I connect with my Spirit Guides & Angels to assist me in this process. I use many Magickal tools for my sessions, including burning sage, lighting candles & incense, anointing the deck with oils, crystal usage and more. The tools I use are always individually chosen for each session based on the Energy I Psychically feel from you.

I've been using this universal tarot deck for over 25 years and it is amazing how eerily accurate it can be! I use a 10 card Celtic Cross spread, which reveals your past, present and future regarding your question. I will tell you each card's detailed meaning in relation to its position in the spread.

This reading can help you clarify a decision, learn about your future, understand any blocks to happiness or success you may be harboring, or discern someone's true motives. This is a powerful deck that will reveal your probable future based upon your current thought patterns and behavioral trends. However, if the cards happen to reveal unexpected results, it's important to remember that you can alter your future by changing your behavior and making new choices.


All correspondence is kept strictly confidential. Take some time and think seriously about what question you'd like to ask. Sometimes people ask the "politically correct" question they "think" they should ask, instead of what they honestly want to know. Your question can be specific or general, such as "What would you like me to know at this time?" I will not answer questions regarding death or dying.

This entire process takes a few hours for me to perform. It is a deeply involved ceremony which takes a lot of my time, energy and focus! If you are interested, do not hesitate in making your purchase!

After your purchase, please contact me with your full name, date of birth and your question. I do not require your picture, but if you happen to have one you can send me that would be great. I will perform your reading within 72 hours after your payment is received and I will email you a picture of the cards that the Universe revealed.


Let the magick and beauty of this reading help guide you ~ gain further insight & clarity from the messages imparted! THANK YOU for putting your trust in me & my Powerful Oracles!




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