Wolf Totem Animal Spirit Guide Sterling Silver Charm Amulet


Sixth Sense ~ Wisdom ~ Inner self/Spirit

The Wolf lives in strong and stable packs yet they still retain some solidarity. They bring the Spirit of Freedom and Living to your Full Potential. They are teachers and will assist you in finding the right path to travel, so the Wolf Totem will enter your life especially when you are seeking Guidance. Once you have a Wolf Totem in your life, you are able to intuitively reach deeper Spiritual Levels, learning even more about your Spiritual Self and the Sacredness of Life. This leads you to having the ability to teach these important concepts to others. Wolf Totems also teach you how to balance the responsibilities of life, work, family, etc. and your own personal individuality. There may be others depending on you too much and/or you're not exerting your individuality. He will work with you from deep within your soul and teach you how to be confident, stronger and make decisions you can be proud of ~ this will lead you to further trusting your intuition and inner voice. This will keep you from making decisions you'll regret and/or break the pattern of making the wrong choices that have been detrimental to you in the past.

Hearing the haunting Howl of a Wolf stirs Ancient aspects deep within you!

Take control of your Life with this Wolf Totem and you'll be off on an Exciting Adventure! The power, passion and vitality of the Wolf will activate the same components within yourself!

Before your birth, you were assigned Animal Totem Spirit Guides that would be needed during this lifetime. You Spiritually have several Animal Guides that are a part of who you are ~ you instinctively feel drawn to these Animals. They are with you your Entire lifetime. You can also have Animal Guides that come and go throughout your life. They can come into your life for a short period of time, and then be replaced by another Animal Guide depending on the journey or direction you are headed. Your Animal Totems will instruct and protect you as you learn how to navigate through your spiritual and physical life.

Don't dismiss an Animal because it's not what you Think you should have for a totem or what you were expecting. Keep an open mind and consider the Traits of the Animal and how it can help you in your life. If you see the Wolf in dreams, visions or on tv, in books, etc., take it as sign that this totem has an Important Message for you!

These Wolf Animal Spirit Guides were summoned during an intense Shaministic Ritual. These Wolf Spirit Guides eagerly came forward because they already know you and want to be more integrated within your life. They are housed in a solid .925 *Sterling Silver* charm. They measure just over ½ inch in total length. Perfect for a man or woman, wearing this Charm will bring your Strongest bonds with your own personal Wolf Totem Animal Spirit Guide. *note: there is Not a chain included, but I do offer them in my shoppe!

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