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SALE! Blood Moon Eclipse Spirit & Wish Portal Ring & Box Set 2

$222.22 $777.77


Blood Moon

  Lunar Eclipse

Spirit Portal

& Wish Box

  Utilizing the Sacred Invocations of my Ancestors, a unique Spirit Portal was opened during the Rare Blood Moon Eclipse on November 18, 2021! This was the longest partial lunar eclipse in 580 years! That 6-hour event won’t have an equal for another 648 years! Spellcasting during an Eclipse is several times more powerful than a typical Lunar Spellcast and the energies were especially intense that night!

This exquisite Box and Ring acts as a Portal through which the Blood Moon Spirits can enter and assist you. These are the highest level, most competent entities, such as Angels, Djinn, Watchers, Khodam, etc. There is no 1 single spirit you need to bond with. They will automatically take inventory of your life and start helping you in the most beneficial ways. Several Spells were placed upon these items to bring you wealth & riches, protection, psychic enhancement, healing and personal power. The Magickal Powers of this set will also help you develop your own Natural abilities in communicating & connecting with Spirits; making signs & visions stronger and more noticeable. They helps dissolve any blockages you may have; open your 3rd Eye, strengthen Clairvoyance, 6th Sense and Extra Sensory Perception (ESP). They can bring you profoundly Spiritual & Mystical Occult secrets & information with exceptional clarity. They will fill your visions, dreams & signs with personal connections & synchronicities, strengthening your precognition so you can navigate existing or upcoming situations, events or people.

This Ring and Box are also a Wishing Portal. Simply rub the Ring or Box and mentally or verbally imbue them with your deepest desires. Or you can write down your wishes and place them inside the box. There, they will be taken to the Blood Moon Spirits for manifestation. These are extremely powerful Spirits that are eager to bring positive blessings into your life.

The Ring features a dark orange quartz stone resembling the moon, set in solid .925 sterling silver, Size 11. The wooden box features the image of the Blood Moon phase and a black felt interior. It measures about 4.5”L x 3.5”W x just under 2” tall. Place any of your Spirited or Spellcast jewelry inside for a Lunar Blood Moon power boost!

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