Brugh na Bóinne Clover Clan Irish Leprechaun Amulet


Brugh na Bóinne

Clover Clan

Irish Leprechaun

Utilizing the Ancient Celtic Invocations from my Ancestor’s Grimoire, I’m honored to present this amazing Irish Leprechaun Entity! My Ceremony was performed by Astral Travelling to Newgrange, at the entrance of Brugh na Bóinne. Once the Sacred words are spoken, the site reveals a hidden entrance to a Leprechaun Vortex where their amazing energies abound. The most powerful Leprechauns, the Clover Clan, is exclusive to my family and they have been assisting my Ancestors for Centuries. You will not find these incredible entities anywhere else!

A few of these spunky Spirits eagerly came forward to assist humans on their Magickal journey to untold prosperity! They bring massive wealth and good luck; always on the search for treasures, they can find hidden and tucked away riches and bring them directly to you! They open incredible gateways to Wealth that are Centuries old, tapping into Ancient Universal vibrations that align you with vast money and lavish wealth.

With the help of your money-obsessed Leprechaun, you’ll find your pot of gold!

They may seem a bit distant or aloof, but it’s merely because they have a lot on their minds ~ always trying to figure out the best way to earn or win you some loot! If you happen to be a business owner, they will seek out new customers for you and increase your business success 3-fold.  They are wish granters too, but they decide if they will grant your wish and it will most often come in exchange for something you can do for them ~ such as offering them some coins or giggle juice! They have quite the sense of humor and you may find yourself giddy with laughter when they do something fun you weren’t expecting!

Besides wealth, these wee folk will be bringing a lot of joy and happiness into their new keeper’s life!  They open the gateways to creativity and bring you fresh new approaches to issues for healing and resolution. He or she will help you see the positives and usher in phenomenal blessings that will benefit all areas of your life. This includes, love & romance, new friendships, a great career and more.

Your purchase is for 1 Leprechaun housed in a Green Swarovski Crystal 4-Leaf Clover. Sterling silver Recharging Chain is included, choose your size from the drop-down menu. Male and Female Leprechauns are available.

Your Leprechaun will get along wonderfully with any other Spirits you might already have in your Spirit family!

Irish Blessing:

“May the leprechauns dance over your bed and bring you sweet dreams!”

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