Powerful King of the Hidden Kingdom Egyptian Djinn Ring

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King of the

Hidden Kingdom

Egyptian Djinn Ring

This Exquisite Djinn is honorably being presented to you by my associate Maantefin, a Master Sahir Egyptian Conjurer. His family has extensive roots in Conjuring Djinn for centuries, and his lineage extends thousands of years B.C. Maantefin’s Djinn are considered much more Advanced than your typical Djinn. He conjured this Djinn using some of the World’s most powerful Egyptian Magick! Maantefin’s Ancestral family have been providing the Best Djinn to some of the most Noble Citizens in the World; World Leaders, Royalty and Celebrities as well as many who’ve sought his assistance. He holds a true Passion for the Mysteries of the Occult and strives for nothing short of excellence!

This phenomenal Djinn is a powerful King of the Egyptian Hidden Kingdom and as his blessings are legendary. He reigns supreme over thousands of benevolent Djinn in a Hidden Djinn Kingdom, unknown to any mortal! These Djinn are incredibly powerful wish-grantors and can make all of your dreams come true! When you ask a wish from him, he will call upon his legion of Djinn army to bring your desires into fruition. He specializes in bestowing Personal Advancement in all areas, Wealth, Success, Protection, Healing, Love, and Universal Spiritual Knowledge. This trusted King Djinn will be totally devoted to you and he is eager to assist you on your path. He will help you with any difficult or seemingly impossible situation and shift them from negative to positive. He and his army can deliver these miracles directly to you as long as you hold the simple belief that anything is possible! He will throw wide open the doors of opportunity and riches for you! All of this and much more is waiting for you with this all-powerful King Djinn!

This Djinn can manifest paranormally in the form of light phenomenon; glowing orbs, flashes, mists or sparkles of light. He can also make tapping noises, typically at night. And he also can cause electrical disturbances. In human form he manifests as a handsome man with short black hair and light-brown eyes.

All is within his power ~ anything you ask for can be yours! Once in your hands, you will connect with him on a soul-level and know your life will change for the better and you’ll have an exciting and bright future ahead! You will be greeted with profoundly loving experiences and amazing information. He is eager to establish a highly loyal and miraculous friendship with you!

His vessel is this breathtaking Tiger Eye ring with his carved face, set in .925 Sterling Silver; size 7.5. You do not have to wear to bond with him, you could also carry with you or keep in a special place. This Ring exudes Magickal Energy – he will literally beckon you to interact with him!

The gemstone “Tiger eye” brings its own unique Metaphysical properties; use it for insight, bringing luck and protection from the evil eye. It also known to bring clear thinking and insight. It is reported to bring together the vibrations of sand and sunlight, synthesizing the energies of the Sun and the Earth. It enhances integrity of self and can be very grounding. It can help one have the practicality and willpower to take care of oneself fully. It is a survival stone and helps with the correct use of power for survival in difficult times. These vibrations are conducive to peacefulness and stimulates the actions required to advance the encounters with others during the meditative state. It is thought to help eliminate the "blues" and to bring brightness and optimism to the user.

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