Samhain Halloween Blue Moon Ritual Kit


This Samhain/Halloween we will be experiencing a Rare Blue Moon! This is when there are 2 full moons in a month, but to have it fall directly on October 31st is phenomenal! The energies will be intense this year and any Spells performed this night will be extra powerful!

I’m offering this Spellcast Samhain Kit now so you will have it in time for October 31st! Included is everything you need to work a little Magick of your own! You will receive:

1 Herbal Samhain Candle, which has been Spellcast for wish manifestation – simply imbue your desires into the candle as it burns.

1 Bottle of my “Spirits of Samhain” Perfume Potion Ritual Oil, you can use to dab your Ritual Tools, Tarot Cards, Gemstones, Talismans, etc., or use as an offering to your Spirit friends. It brings strong protection as well as connections to the Spiritual Realm.

1 Tiger Eye Flatback Skull, which has been Spellcast to bring you wealth and riches in the coming year.

1 Besom Broom Amulet, which has been Spellcast to help sweep away all malevolent evils and obstacles that have been keeping you held back. Are you ready to sweep away the effects of 2020? Not that we shouldn’t learn from it’s teachings, but perhaps some energy needs to be cleared! It is accented with an Aura point and Celtic Trinity Knot charm.

1 package of Autumnal Herbal Offering/Incense Blend. Present your Spirit friends or Ancestors with this special blend of sacred herbs. Could also be burned in your Cauldron as incense.

My personal Samhain Spell you can recite!

I only have a few kits available, so don't hesitate in making your purchase if you are interested!  I’m so excited for Samhain this year and I am hoping you will join me in working a little Magick too! Blessed Be!

*Several Countries, such as Australia, limit the importation of herbs.  Please check your Countries importation rules before purchase.  I can ship this Kit to Canada and the UK without issue. 

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