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Magickal Staff of Merlin Wand Amulet

$159.99 $249.99

Awaken your inner Sorcerer or Sorceress!

Merlin the Magnificent Magician (also known as Merlin Ambrosius & Myrddin Emrys Was) was closest friend & spiritual adviser to King Arthur and he assisted the Knights of the Round Table with many Magickal feats!  Merlin knew Alchemical & Spiritual Magick that no other Wizard in history has been able to re-create!  Through natural (and perhaps supernatural) means, he was able to Influence others with his Craftworkings and create some of the Most Effective Talismans in Existence! 


Utilizing the Secret Codes directly from the Manuscripts of Merlin, these Pendants have been imbued with hundreds of Spells he discovered & created!


 The Merlin Spells Imbued into these Pendants are for: Wealth, Protection, Spirit Summoning & Communication (3rd Eye Opening), Enhanced Psychic Abilities, Creativity, Influence & Power.  Through this Staff/Wand pendant, you will awaken your inner Wizard!  Through Merlin’s Occult Science & Alchemical Magick, he will show you how to get what you want in the most efficient way; knowing anything that you so desire can manifest foryou.  He will help you accomplish & create more than the average person, in the same amount of time. 


He will enhance your Psychic Abilities, including the ability to read the moods and intentions of others.  He will bestow you many gifts, such as time travel and sharpening your touch and sight centers.  Others will find you wonderfully gifted and marvel at your accomplishments! 


 You will form a deeply personal connection to Merlin and he will reveal much information to you through visions & prophetic dreams.  Merlin has been known to also physically Manifest as a glowing illuminated human spectral form to the Keeper of this Vessel!  Merlin appears wearing a tall pointed hat, long grey cloak and a long white beard and hair.  His aged face lined with care and wisdom, and his eyes as bright as ever.  See if you can spot the manifestation of Merlin's face within the crystal ball end in one of the photos!

 Your purchase is for 1 metal Magickal Staff of Wizard Merlin Wand Pendant featuring a tiny aura quartz round sphere and aqua quartz point.  A sterling silver Recharging Chain in your choice of size included.  It measures about 2" in total length.  You do not have to wear to experience Merlin’s Magick, you could also simply carry with you or keep in a Special Place! 


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