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Nearly FREE (I have to charge .01) with any purchase(s) of $100.00+. Simply add this item to your cart along with your other item(s). Limit 1 Freebie per order. *International buyers: your shipping fee is not included in your $100.00 goal.

I will perform a powerful Celtic Wealth Spell directly from my Ancestor's Grimoire for you!  This Ritual will open the doorways to wealth and riches and draw money from all sources.  Your wealth can come in many different forms, such as raises, career/business success, finding a better paying job, gambling luck, finding money in public, unexpected gifts and overall good luck. You will also gain the confidence and happiness that comes with real financial security and enjoy luxuries you never though possible. 

I will need your full name and date of birth for this Spell. 

Since this is a service I am providing for you, nothing will be shipped. 

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