Fire & Ice Royal Persian Djinn Kings of Duality Ring

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Fire & Ice

Royal Persian

Djinn Kings of Duality

This Exquisite Ring is honorably being presented to you on behalf of my associate Maantefin, a Master Sahir Djinn Conjurer. His family has extensive roots in Conjuring Djinn for centuries, and his lineage extends thousands of years B.C. Maantefin’s Djinn are exceedingly more Advanced than a typical Djinn. These Royal Persian Djinn are Exclusive to Maantefin and summoned utilizing Ancient Zoroastrian Djinn Invocations centered on the Dualistic Cosmology of Good and Evil. You will not find anything else like them! Maantefin’s Ancestral families have been providing the most Powerful Djinn to Occult Masters, Secret Socities, Nobility, Celebrities, World Leaders, as well as many who’ve sought his assistance. He holds a true Passion for the Mysteries of the Occult and strives for nothing short of excellence!

This Ring houses 2 dynamic Royal Persian King Djinni. The first Djinn King utilizes the element of Ice and has an innately “Good” morality towards manifesting your wishes. He has a calm and gentle nature, helping to create more positive blessings in your life. He brings supernatural healing on a cellular level, adjusting your DNA to help prevent dis-ease and repair any broken DNA. He brings you love in all areas and assistance in finding your Soul Mate. Your Aura will sparkle as others are drawn to your dazzling brilliance and want to spend time with you. He helps open your 3rd eye, bringing you a strong psychic connection to Spirits and the Spiritual Realm, so you are able to talk not only to Spirits but those who have passed on.

The second Djinn King utilizes the element of Fire and has a Darker, assertive and passionate nature. He brings justice, retribution and will "right" any wrongs. He helps in defeating your enemies and anyone trying to cause you harm. He will destroy all obstacles (such as past life traumas, familial karmic ties, etc.) that have been keeping you from reaching your goals. He will instantly return any curses/hexes others have placed upon you. The negative energies that others transmit to you will instantly be dissolved. He brings powerful protection and will stop all evil influences.

Both of these Djinni will utilize their ultimate powers to bring you lavish wealth, success and key opportunistic advancements. You will be in the right place at the right time to reap your rewards!

How fantastic would it be to have these TWO powerhouse Djinni Kings as your Spiritual advisors? There is no formal ritual required, they will automatically read your Aura & Heart’s desires and start working on manifesting your wishes!

They can manifest through visions and dreams, as well as paranormally, through seeing orbs, mists and apparitions.

Their vessel this is awesome dual-stone Ring; on one side is a Turquoise Gem, which houses the Ice King. This center rotates and reveals a Carnelian Gem which houses the Fire King. This is 1 Ring, which is set in an elaborate band of sterling silver, Size 9. You do not have to wear to bond, you could also carry with you or keep in a special place.

These ultra-powerful Djinn chose very powerful gemstones that bring further natural blessings into your life! Turquoise is a Master healer. It protects against environmental pollutants, brings subtle body alignment & strengthening, opens the throat chakra and enhances creative expression. This sacred gemstone has been used for thousands of years for protection against danger, accidents and evil. Turquoise brings protection while traveling, attracts abundance and prosperity and promotes harmony between friends and lovers. It helps to connect with Spirit and brings the energy of the sky down to earth. It is helpful in expanding awareness while still maintaining practicality. Turquoise moves the wearer toward integration and wholeness. Wearing turquoise can speed the healing process. The stone will usually change color when the owner is in danger. It is a stone of self-realization, helping you to better understand yourself, your ideas and emotions and it’s a wonderful aid in regards to any type of analytical thinking. It attunes the physical to the higher realms and aligns all chakras, creating a clear channel for its nurturing and creative energy. It helps strengthen and balance Kundalini Energy.

Carnelian is a Power Stone of ambition and drive and is very helpful in making choices and decisions. Carnelian is the most powerful action stone for focusing, realization and self-actualization. It also reminds you to be “in the moment”. It activates the lower chakras and helps you to take action. It brings energy & fire, enhancing physical energy and personal power and invoking joy, laughter and warmth as it opens the heart. It increases physical energy, personal power, confidence, motivation, passion, sexual stamina, assertiveness, outgoingness, emotional warmth, sociability, creativity, curiosity, inquisitiveness, compassion, individuality, memory, appreciation of nature, harmony, courage, action, happiness, self-esteem, rebirth, reincarnation & past life recall.

Do you feel a strong attraction to this listing? Nothing is by coincidence! These Djinn brought you here because they have outstanding blessings in store for you! Don’t miss your chance at welcoming their magnificent gifts!

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