Galileo Ring of Cosmic Enlightenment Illuminati Knights Templar + Dish

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Galileo Ring

of Cosmic


Illuminati &

Knights Templar

This exceptional Ring is from the private collection of my associate, Lord Sinclair, and holds incredible power. It was imbued by the Illuminati and Sinclair Knights Templar with the Secret Invocations of Galileo for Vast Cosmic Wisdom and Enlightenment! These Occult Spells were hidden within Galileo’s teachings and discovered exclusively by the Sinclair Knights Templar Researchers! The Magick of Galileo is currently transforming the lives of hundreds of Illuminati and Elite Magicians worldwide! You will cherish having this priceless item in your collection!

Born February 15, 1564 , Galileo Galilei was an Italian physicist, engineer, inventor, philosopher and astronomer, known as the Polymath of Pisa and the Father of Modern Science. His genius was lightyears ahead of his time in creating the telescope and proving that the Sun was the center of our Universe, despite having to recant this statement to save his own life. He also embraced and taught Astrology and was a Prophetic Soothsayer for the Rich. He knew the movement of the planets, stars and celestial bodies could influence and predict Earthly events. He was also able to channel Angels, Aliens, Watchers and other heavenly space-beings to assist him in gaining the supernatural knowledge to assist others with his inventions and teachings. This Ring calls upon these beings as well to manifest your deepest wishes!

Galileo teaches us to Reach for the Stars and to live our Soul’s purpose despite what anyone else may think! If others look down on you for what you think or feel, they are operating at a lower vibrational frequency and it will take them several lifetimes to catch up. So there is no need to worry about what others think, you do you!  This Ring will turn all bad luck to good and elevate you to even higher levels of consiousness!  2020 is packed full of Astrological events and this Ring will help you through them all! Galileo will supernaturally visit you during dreams and meditations to give you wisdom and insights that will assist you (and assist you in helping others) on your Earthly journey!

Once you welcome this Ring, Galileo will automatically awaken and activate your own natural Cosmic Power! As your 3rd Eye is activated, these blessings will align with your Aura:

*Astral Travel to visit other worlds, dimensions or parallel universes

*Your 6th Sense/Clairvoyance will strengthen with the ability to hear and speak with Spirits

*Gain Prophetic Visions of the future so you can alter your course accordingly. You can also see the future of others and help them as well.

*Dowsing abilities to help you locate hidden or missing objects

*ESP token-object reading which allows you to read/pick-up on information about others by touching an object associated with them

*Reveal Ancient Akashic Wisdom to learn and grow at a quick yet understanding pace

*Assist you with Numerololgy and/or finding and unlocking secret numerical & letter codes  

*Awaken any other Psychic Ability you wish to enhance that will be unique to you

*Gaining strength and confidence

*Increased Wealth & Success to live the life you want & deserve

I’m not quite sure how to describe this otherworldly, “Star Wars” type Ring! It features a center hole for a finger (Size 7.75) and the other two openings wrap around your other two fingers. Composed of an Alchemical mix of metals, but I do believe the center band is sterling silver (although not marked). It has two pearl accents and a central, spinning Astrolabe! Spin this to make your wishes to the Universe! You do not have to wear this piece to be awarded its benefits as simply owning will bring you its gifts! Pearl brings purity, loyalty, integrity, beauty, luxury, love, romance, healing and good luck. It also brings happy, joyful energies and puts you in a good mood. Their energies have a calming and centering effect.

Galileo instructed me to include this beautiful Recharging dish composed of Orthoceras: fossilized remains of an extinct marine animal that lived 400 million years ago! Orthoceras fossils have been used for Centuries by healers to help one reduce anxiety and stress. They enhance telepathy and help one to mentally connect with other people, plants and animals. They stimulate the brain, helping shed that from the past which no longer serves you, and usher in a rebirth of strength and motivation, so you can live your best life. They help you release your fears and move past obstacles that may be keeping you held back from achieving your goals, showing you how to follow your “bliss.” They awaken your Kundalini and stimulate life-force energy, helping you gain self-confidence. They are grounding and help one learn and retain knowledge. They connect you with your Past Lives and help in releasing any negative energies or bad karma from previous lifetimes.

The spectacular energies coming from this Ring is Out-of-this-World!!! If you feel drawn to this set, do not hesitate in welcoming! You were brought to this listing for a reason!

All pertinent information will accompany your shipment. Thank you for your consideration! Warmest blessings! ~xo

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