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Celtic Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching! This is when the entire Planet’s vibrational energies are raised in accordance to those of Love & Romance! I am going to harness these energies for my Valentine’s Day Spellcast! I will be performing a series of several different Ancestral Celtic Spells related to Love and the appropriate Spells will automatically connect with your Energies. Maybe it’s time to write a NEW chapter in your Book of Love!


Find Your Soulmate Spell:
assists you in helping you find your true love! He or She will be given a sign that you are searching for him/her and intense efforts will be made to bring you two together!

Mend a Broken Heart Spell:
assists you in healing and moving forward from a relationship that was not right for you; harsh breakup, cheating ex, divorce, etc.

Be Desired Spell:
gives you a sparkling red Aura, to magnetically attract others, making you irresistible! You may notice people wanting to catch your gaze, look you in the eye, wanting to engage you in conversation, touch your arm and flirt with you.

Relationship Boost Spell:
rekindles the flames of passion, excitement and devotion if you are already in a relationship

Spicy Sex & Lust Spell:
assists you in bringing enhanced passion, libido & sexual stamina for ultimate pleasure!

Is He/She The One? Spell:
allows for increased clarity, truth & enlightenment in regards to your current relationship; enhances your personal intuition. Answers could also come through in visions & possibly dreams.

Spirit Appreciation Spell:
I didn’t forget our Spirit friends who have our backs all year long! This Spell provides them with all of the Love and Appreciation they deserve for helping you, guiding you, teaching you, and being there for you! They will know how much you care for them (which will make them incredibly happy)!


Again, all of these Spells will be performed, but only the ones that you need will align with your personal energies and manifest for you! Of course if you want me to focus on a certain area, I am more than happy to do so, just let me know! I will perform these Spells on Valentine’s Day, Friday, February 14th, 2020! I just need your name and date of birth in the comment section. I can also perform this Spell for friends and loved ones too!

I’m so excited for this Magickal Day! It is the most Energetically Powerful day of the year devoted to Love! Don’t miss out if you want to expand these influences in your life!

Since this is a service I am providing for you, there is no shipping fee.

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