Magick Sodalite Recharging Tray


Magick Sodalite

Recharging Tray

I Spellcast this beautiful gemstone tray to Metaphysically cleanse and rejuvenate all of your Magickal talismans! It will intrinsically work with their energies and give them a power boost! Your Spirit friends will receive energies of love and appreciation from this amazing tray!

It could also be used as a base for tealight candles, Spirit offerings, a charging base for tarot cards, other gemstones or runes, herbs, or anything you desire.

It is connected with the Throat Chakra which helps you in speaking your truth with wisdom and clarity. You can also place anywhere on the body for healing and ushering in its benefits. Sodalite brings inner peace and harmony and ushers this energy into your body, home & sacred space. It stimulates endurance and is extra lucky for writers. Sodalite strengthens our ability for rational thought and helps us recognize our inner truth and to express that to others. A wonderful stone for communication, it aids the owner in finding trust and mutual esteem with others. It opens access to understanding of our place in the Universe and our journey of life, so that we may face our learnings with intelligence and a calm understanding. It also helps free us from old behavior patterns that no longer serve us. It brings balance to those with thyroid issues and helps those trying to lose weight. It aids in communicating and will give you confidence connect with family, friends and strangers.

Your purchase is for 1 Magick Sodalite Recharging Tray. They both measure about 5”L x 3”W x just under .5” thick. I only have 2 available. Please view all the photos and make your choice of either "A" or "B" from the drop-down menu. Find a special place in your home or office for this gorgeous Magickal!

(*Note: the items pictured on the tray are for demonstration purposes only and not included with this sale).

Thank you and many blessings!

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