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 Starry 1 Night


Archangel Jophiel & Cherub Angels of the Pink Ray Portal Wand

$279.99 $888.88

Archangel Jophiel &

Cherub Angels

of the Pink Ray

Portal Crystal Wand

Utilizing Secret Angelic Spell Codes hidden within the Bible, as well as my Ancestor’s Angelic invocations, I’m honored to offer you this exquisite wand! It has been imbued with the power of Archangel Jophiel, the beautiful female Archangel of Love and Miracles! This wand is also a portal where the Cherub Love Angels of the Pink Ray can come through to assist you!

The Pinky Ray resonate with the Heart Chakra and brings love, peace, forgiveness and healing. Working within this energy brings you resolution to conflicts, finding romantic love, beneficial business relationships and friendships, healing of the heart from past wounds, deep healing of all cells with reparative love energies and helping others find peace and healing. It envelops you with kindness, gentleness and compassion, so that you can take action to help people in need. Your Aura will take on a dazzling glow as others look up to you with respect and adoration. It heals past relationship wounds so you are more open to what the future brings you. It helps open your heart to the beauty and joy in life and helps you experience extraordinary blessings.

Archangel Jophiel works seamlessly with these energies, helping to open the love and beauty in your life. She brings tremendous wisdom and will illuminate the most beneficial path for you. She brings peaceful, loving and harmonizing energies to beautify your home, office and yourself. You will find yourself being drawn to new things or looking at other things with a fresh, new approach. This leads to replacing objects with things that better align with your Soul and getting rid of that which no longer serves you (this can be physical things as well as relationships that are not good for you). Her energy is very peaceful and loving and she will gently beautify all of your relationships and situations. She renews your Inner & Outer Beauty; making you more attractive to everyone. You will start to feel more comfortable with your body and your self-confidence will soar! Your sensuality will impress others and they will be more attracted to you. Jophiel wants to unite you with someone that brings you true happiness and endless love!

This Wand is also a Portal to the Cherub Angels of the Pink Ray. Thousands of these beneficial Angels will enter through this vortex to Bless your life in all areas with their Love Magick!

Use this Wand over your Heart Chakra to release any blockages to Love and move it along your body to help heal all areas. Use the pointed end to focus and direct energy.  The sphere will collect and cleanse energy from all directions.  It could also be used on your loved ones, and pets too! Use it every time you need love in any of its forms. It soothes the soul, will comfort you, brings tenderness and allows gentle grace to be part of your journey.

If you happen to perform Magick, utilize this Wand to open and close your circle. Like a beacon of light, it will send out energy to attract the Guardians of the 4 Directions (North/Earth, East/Air, South/Fire, West/Water) and form a powerful protective circle, which nothing can penetrate. It creates a loving and safe inner circle for any of your Magickal needs.

This is a gorgeous Rose Quartz wand with garnet accents, and quartz tip on one end and sphere on the other end. It measures about 7.5” long. You can use this any way you choose!

These gems brings further natural blessings into your life! Rose Quartz is a stone of warmth and love, as it heals emotional wounds and pain with its gentle calming energy. It opens the heart to the beauty within and all around us, and will begin its healing by reducing resentments. A stone of the Heart, it enhances self-acceptance, self-love and Personal Worth. Also enhances all forms of love: self-love, mother love, caring, kindness, platonic and romantic love. It opens our hearts and encourages us to be tender, peaceful and gentle. It emanates unconditional love and nurturance and helps us attract positive, gentle, non-judgemental love into our lives. Physically it helps smooth and prevent wrinkles and encourages a beautiful complexion. This is the perfect heart chakra stone as Rose Quartz symbolizes love and loving action. Its soothing energy can nurture any heart. It promotes self-love and is a powerful emotional healer. It helps remind you to be present in the moment, heart & soul.

Garnet is a stone of purity and truth as well as a symbol of love and compassion. It is known as the stone for a successful business. Garnet increases business success. It is believed that if a garnet is put under a pillow it will cure depression. Garnets can be used to make a person popular and have self-esteem when worn as jewelry. It helps protect one on trips. Garnets bring constancy to friendships. Garnets are also known for stimulating success in business. Garnet is held in the hand or placed on top of the head when searching or meditating on past lives. Information that is beneficial and helpful will be released for the searcher. The information released in a search may be painful, but it will always be what the searcher needs. Garnet helps your security level and spiritual awareness. It can help increase your sex drive.

Crystal Quartz is one of the Most Powerful Gemstones ~ it amplifies and stores energy and can both draw and send energy. It is the ideal stone to use to charge & cleanse other gemstones. It is excellent for meditation and sending or receiving guidance from the Angelic Realms. It illuminates the soul, cleanses and energizes, removes barriers to spiritual growth and filters negative energy. It is an excellent stone to use if you need to change your direction in life. It soothes dark moods, offers relief from fears, phobias and anxiety and unburdens the mind of guilt, which can lead to a state more conducive to happiness and inspiration. It can help get the wearer out of ruts where he or she feels unmotivated. It helps to attract love and help with mental focus.

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