Sons of Baal Satanic Illuminati Devil’s Curse Necromantic Samhain Ceremony

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For the extradordinary Samhain Blue Moon Event this year, the Satanic Sons of Baal Brotherhood will be performing a Devil Worshipping Ritual, including personalized Spells and a Curse for 1 enemy of your choosing. They will perform intense Necromantic Rituals, welcoming the Spirits of the Dead, and calling on all Demons who wish to do their bidding.

The Sons of Baal is an exclusive Clan that casts incredibly dark Magick based on Centuries old Satanic Illuminati traditions. This particular Magick has been passed down through select Illuminati Bloodlines and cannot be duplicated.

The Black Magick Rituals they will perform will bring you:

Advancement in Business/Career, better job or finding a new successful job

Wealth and Riches

Forbidden Lust/Sex

Mind Control/Hypnosis over others, have them see things your way and do as you wish

Beauty Overhaul, making you drop dead gorgeous or handsome to others

Failure and Confusion to your enemies

Protection from other people, spirits or spells trying to harm you

Increased wisdom and the ability to make sound decisions that will benefit you

Increased psychic powers, including telepathy and being able to know the true intention of others

Also included in this Ritual will be a Devil’s Curse for 1 enemy of your choose. Along with your name and date of birth, they also need the name, location, and if you know it- date of birth of your enemy. The Devil’s Curse will infiltrate every aspect of their life, making them suffer breakups, business loss, heartache, and agony. Untraceable, undetectable and unending, they will be sorry they ever messed with you!

This will be an intense 2-day Ritual, starting in the afternoon of October 31st throughout the Day of the Dead (Nov. 1st), and ending during the early morning of Nov. 2nd. Please know this will be an extreme Ritual with powerful effects due to the Rare Blue Moon!

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