Illuminati Angeli Domini Vitae Gloriae Angel Portal Figure

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Illuminati Angeli Domini Vitae Gloriae Angel Portal Figure

This incredible Angel Portal is from the private collection of my associate, Lord Sinclair, and holds vast Divine power. It was created long ago by the Sinclair Illuminati Brethren. It holds the power of the Angeli Domini Vitae Gloriae, or the Angels of Life’s Glory. It was also imbued with Ancient Biblical Spell Codes for wealth, success, power, adoration, respect, happiness, longevity and wisdom. The Sinclair Illuminati Masters received direct supernatural guidance and knowledge in its creation and it has only increased in power over the years. It acts as a gateway through which the special Illuminati Angeli Domini Vitae Gloriae will come through to bless your life! These Angels were created at the dawn of humankind to ensure the path of Human’s Earthly journey be blessed. They can foresee the future and make appropriate changes so that you can gain all of the tremendous blessings you are meant to receive! This Angel figure was utilized covertly by Illuminati Bishops throughout Italy as well as by Pope Francis. It has helped thousands of people better their lives! It has been incorporated into countless masses and rituals, imbued with millions of prayers for peace, love and happiness to whomever owns it.

Once you welcome this Holy figure, thousands of the Illuminati Angeli Domini Vitae Gloriae will effortlessly enter through the Portal! Their miraculous energies will automatically start to influence your life, paying attention to the most difficult situations! They will attract massive positive blessings and open doors to expansive new opportunities! Through their Divine Intervention, you will be able to release all of the burdens you’ve been facing; in relationships, health, finance, career or any other issues. The Angels will manifest remarkable solutions and new opportunities and people will come into your life for your greater benefit. They bring lavish riches, the ultimate in health and success, and personal gifts that will transform your life! You will inherit profound supernatural mental powers and advanced psychic abilities. As your vibrational frequencies are raised, you will gain the ability to have OBE’s, Astral Travel and visit other dimensions in time & space. You can utilize the Angel’s blessings not only for yourself, but for your pets and loved ones as well. When you touch the figure, you will be receive amazing Angelic healing; physically, emotionally, and Spiritually. There is no limit to what you can accomplish with this figure! Your life will take on profound meaning as you are enveloped in the miraculous powers of these rare Illuminati Angels!

Paranormal activity has been associated with this piece including: orbs, mists, sparkling lights, doors opening, change in position, glowing at night, cold dips in temperature, feeling a feathered wing or breeze brush past you, hearing distant choral music and spectral apparitions of Angels. They like to give repetitious signs, such as seeing the same numbers repeatedly (111, 222, 333, 444, etc.).

This piece is composed of resin, with exquisite detail and measures just under 4” tall. No formal ritual required. Simply find a special place of honor in your home or business and watch your miracles unfold before you!

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