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 Starry 1 Night


7 Chohan of the Rainbow Rays & Ascended Masters Portal Amulet

$139.99 $333.33

  Ascended Masters Portal
7 Chohan of the
Rainbow Rays
Aqua Aura Healer
Enlightenment Amulet

Through an eclectic blending of High Holy Clergy, I am honored to bring you this incredibly Magickal & Powerful Amulet! It was ceremoniously created based on the Esoteric teachings of the Great White Brotherhood the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, and from the Secret doctrines of Helena Blavatsky. Imbued & blessed at the appropriate Auspicious Lunar & Planetary dates & times, this piece holds incredible Power!

Ascended Masters are people who have lived on Earth for several lifetimes, reincarnating to a higher level each time until they attained Mastery over the limitations of the physical planes. They went through all of the trials and tribulations life threw at them, becoming stronger and wiser each time. They have fulfilled their life’s purpose and now present themselves as Spiritual beings to assist humans on their Earthly journey. They bring forth tremendous love, wisdom and power to help teach and guide humanity towards Spiritual enlightenment and ascension. As one of the most powerful Guides you could welcome, they understand where you’re at in life and can get you to where you want to be. They understand each person has a unique Dharma and will lead you to the best, most rewarding path for you!

Several years ago, the Earth started to make monumental shifts in Enlightenment and Spiritual progress! New and unexpected waves of light are entering our dimension and causing a massive transition to Ascension! This is a challenging time, but it is ushering us into a new age of light on planet Earth! You may be an Empath that is able to feel these changes in light energy, and not only from our Planet, but from the other Planets and Universe. This Amulet is meant for anyone but especially Intuitives, Starseeds, Walk-ins, Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows, Wanderers, Star People or anyone with Alternative Energies. Every person has a Soul Ray that remains the same through all their incarnations and corresponds with certain Masters of Wisdom. We have now entered the Age of Alchemy and Transformation! You can embrace the life you’ve always dreamed and alter your future for the better! You are not alone on this incredible journey! The Ascended Masters have come to assist you with anything you desire!

Although this Amulet is attuned to 7 Chohan of the Rainbow Rays, it also acts as a Portal through which any of the Ascended Master can come through. These include Hathor, Buddha, Jesus, Mother Mary, Metatron, Kuthumi, Babaji, Krishna and the thousands of other Ascended Masters dedicated to assisting you! It is through the outpouring of their own Pure and Luminous Essence of Divine Love that an Ascended Master is able to help those who come under his or her care and direction. They bring an awakening to your Spiritual path and enlightenment on your Earthly journey.

The 7 Light Rays contain the Highest Force in the Universe, for they dissolve all discord and establish Perfect Balance in all manifestations. Once you welcome this Amulet, these Cosmic forces will automatically begin making positive changes in your Life. The power of each Ray will influence your life in the most positive ways; dissolving problems, stress and negative energy; like the rays of the sun dissolves a fog. Your Chakras will realign and you’ll feel rejuvenated with their Rainbow essence!

El Morya, Chohan of the First Ray: Sapphire Blue Ray:
El Morya is chief of the Darjeeling Council of the Great White Brotherhood. The blue ray is the ray of Power but it also has faith, courage, protection, goodwill, and strength flowing through it. El Morya teaches us what it means to follow God’s Will, the wisdom behind it, and how to come into alignment with our Higher Self.

Lord Lanto, Chohan of the Second Ray: Yellow Ray:
This is the ray of wisdom, illumination, and enlightenment. Lanto guides us on our personal quest for knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment and helps us to understand many of the wisdom teachings. Lord Lanto is a master of cosmic transformation ~ the alchemical process of drawing forth cosmic light and substance from the universe and coalescing it into physical form. Lord Lanto incarnated from several previous lifetimes in China.

Paul the Venetian, Chohan of the Third Ray: Pink Ray:
The pink ray is the ray of love and all that we associate with it like compassion, kindness, charity, and beauty. Paul the Venetian teaches us how to set healthy boundaries and cultivate the beautiful qualities flowing through the pink ray. If our heart needs healing he guides us through the process. He also teaches and trains us in the gift of compassion.

Serapis Bey, Chohan of the Fourth Ray: White Ray:
Flowing through the white ray are the qualities of purity, joy, discipline and harmony as well as assistance with mathematics and sacred geometry. Serapis Bey teaches us the value of self-discipline and how to keep our harmony. These are mandatory if we hope to be successful and gain self-mastery on the path of the seven rays.

Hilarion, Chohan of the Fifth Ray: Emerald Green Ray:
This is the ray of healing and wholeness. When you work on healing yourself you gain a certain wisdom that is uniquely yours. This then becomes your gift that you offer to others. Hilarion guides us to heal our body, mind, and soul with an emphasis on wholeness.

Lady Nada, Chohan of the Sixth Ray: Purple/Gold Ray:
This is the ray of peace, service and ministration. Lady Nada’s teachings are truly lovely. She teaches us the wisdom, beauty, and grace that come from nurturing, helping and serving others.

Saint Germain, Chohan of the Seventh Ray: Violet Ray:
This is the ray of freedom, forgiveness, mercy and transmutation. As the sponsor of the Aquarian Age, he teaches us the true meaning of Alchemy and how to use the violet flame. This Ray transmutes denser feelings, actions, deeds, karma, etc. into a higher vibrational frequency, which helps prepare us for our Ascension (becoming a Divine Human - a level of Consciousness obtainable by any person). You may use St. Germain & the Violet Flame in perfect harmony with any belief system, religion or practice.

There is no formal ritual required; they will automatically begin working miracles in your life! If you so desire, you can call upon any of the Ascended Masters at any time you feel you need specific help in certain areas.

Their Portal is this mystifying Aqua Aura Healer Crystal Cluster Amulet, set in solid .925 sterling silver with a sterling silver chain in your choice of size.  You do not have to wear the Amulet to experience their Blessings.

All pertinent information will be included in your shipment.

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