Archangel Chamuel Pink Light Ray Cherub Angel Portal Set

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This beautiful set holds the energy of Archangel Chamuel, leader of the Pink Angel Light Ray, which embodies: love, peace, harmony, beauty, prosperity, forgiveness, health and healing, friendships, business relationships, devotion, romance, finding your Soulmate or enhancing passion in your current relationship, respect & adoration from others, resolving conflicts, removing negative energies, deeper Spirituality, Universal Wisdom and becoming closer connected with God/Universe.

The Pink Light Ray of Chamuel vibrates at a unique electromagnetic frequency, which attracts a powerful class of Pink Ray Cherubim, eager to assist you in all areas. These Angels are extremely loyal, friendly and uplifting. They will align with your Aura to bring you anything your heart desires! They will awaken your psychic senses and strengthen all areas of Clairvoyance and Spiritual communication. They also bring love, guidance, wealth, support, and teaching. They open the gateways to God’s grace in your life, and miraculous blessings will unfold before you. Once you are empowered through the Pink Angel Light Ray, you will develop the strength to love others openly and enjoy peace in all of your relationships.

Although their special day is Tuesday, you can pray and interact with them any day of the week. No formal ritual required, simply welcome and they will automatically work for you!

The vessels for Archangel Chamuel and his Cherubim is this heavenly set featuring a porcelain Cherub Angel holding a Moonstone Ring set in solid sterling silver, Size 8. This gorgeous ring has brilliant flash and opens to reveal a secret compartment! You can state your wishes to the Angels once open, if you so choose! You can place other Angelic items on or around this Cherub figure for powerful Angelic cleansing!

Don’t miss out on this special, one-of-a-kind set if it calls to you!

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