Infinite Treasures Powerful Djinn Queen Lamp

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Infinite Treasures Powerful

Female Djinn Queen


This Marid Djinn Queen Lamp is a very old treasure from the private collection of my associate Maantefin, an advanced Master Djinn Conjurer. Marid Djinn are the friendliest and strongest Class of Djinn, capable of significant power. They are the most respected Tribe of Genie and being a Royal (King or Queen) is a testament to their dependable Leadership and unwavering Loyalty. This Queen Djinn’s power knows no limits and she is very effective at manifesting your deepest wishes!

She brings you Infinite Treasures in all aspects of your life. She can bestow blessings of wealth, success, love, career assistance, new friendships, psychic enhancements, wisdom, protection, good luck and amazing new opportunities. She can place you directly in the flow of wealth & riches. She will assist you in viewing money as positive energy, aligning your vibrations with the law of attraction, which will continually bring more riches into your life. She is an expert in finding hidden treasures and bringing them to you.

The Universe is overflowing with ‘rivers’ of wealth and riches. She builds the right channels so that this flow will go directly to you! She brings the Ultimate in Good Luck, Riches & Wealth/Financial Stability, help in finding a Career or Business Success, and the Power to Heal & Strengthen your mind, body and spirit.

She can bend fate in your favor, helping problems dissolve and opening the gates to many new opportunities you never thought possible. Share your specific issues with her and she will find resolutions to any problem. Share your specific dreams/desires, and she will be eager to work on manifesting them for you. She is not happy unless she is actively doing something for you.

She is an excellent guide and will help motivate you to move ahead with strength & determination. She brings a strong shielding and protective energy that repels Curses, Evil Spirits and Negative energies purposefully directed at you by others (Spiritually capturing these destructive energies and dissolving them.)

Paranormal activity can occur with this Djinn, including, but not limited to: seeing orbs, mists, sparkling lights, feeling chills or cold spots, feeling a strong presence with you/as though you are not alone, hearing knocks or taps from walls or furniture, seeing her manifest and any number of activity with no reasonable explanation. I have also seen a grey, mist-like smoke rising out of the bottle when the lid was off.

In human form, she appears as a gorgeous woman with long black hair and deep brown eyes. She will never intentionally scare you or those you live with.

Her vessel is this antique, lavish small lamp composed of brass with bead accents. It measures about 2.5 inches tall. The lid is removable but attached with a small chain. You will cherish having this Djinn in your life!

She will never judge ~ she will help anyone who asks regardless of your spiritual, religious or lifestyle background because it is her mission to make sure you’re contented, at peace and fulfilled. Although this Djinn will serve only you, they are not restricted to helping Only you ~ you can ask for assistance of behalf of loved ones, friends, relatives, (an infinite number of people) can all simultaneously benefit from her. Please don’t worry that you’re wasting her time by asking for what you consider to be ‘small’ favors. If those favors bring you peace then it’s this Djinn’s sacred honor to help you. Her personality is very kind, loving, attentive, generous and ambitious. She will get along very well with all other Djinn, Vampires, Angels and any other Spirits you might already have in your care. There is no formal ritual required, she is active and ready to work for you.

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