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Maleli African Witch Doctor The Ebony Shamaness Fetish Doll

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Maleli African
Witch Doctor
The Ebony Shamaness

This fetish doll is from my associate, P. Jean, a Haitian Vodou Huongan Asogwe (High Priest) who resides in Louisiana. He is head of an Underground Society which practices Voodoo based on the Secret teachings of Marie Laveau’s personal invocations and rites, with roots in Haitian and African Magick. His family originates from Africa and he is privy to exclusive African Occult pieces! You will be amazed at all of the incredible blessings that come into your life once you welcome her!

This fetish doll holds the Spirit of Maleli (pronounced: mah-LAY-lee) , a female African Witch Doctor, The Ebony Shamaness Healer, Prophetess and Diviner. Maleli is an Ancient Spirit from Africa that served her people through Supernatural means. Hundreds flocked to her to be bestowed her miraculous blessings. She’s reincarnated through this fetish doll to bless your life! She can assist you in any area, be it love, beauty, wealth, success, money drawing, new careers/jobs, protection from evil spirits & hexes, DNA healing, good health, psychic enhancement, past lives, life’s purpose and overall happiness.  As she paves the way for your blessings, others will be drawn to your magnetic Aura, making them look at you with respect, admiration and trust. She will bestow you with a unique energy signature, which will be personalized to you and will easily attract anything you desire, such as money & riches, new friends or opportunities!

Maleli can also enact darker Black Voodoo Magick Spells, which will bring justice & retribution; making your enemies very uncomfortable. This will occur in the most discreet manners, so any defenses they may have in place will not be able to stop this, so please use her with caution. She can thwart your competition & stop jealous friends or gossiping family, making them look at you in a whole new, respectable light. She will abolish Evil spirits, curses or hexes that may be keeping you held back. She brings superior Protection over you & your loved ones.

Maleli is able to see the future and warn you of impending dangers, placing you on the path to success. She will lead you to the right place at just the right time - providing you with the best opportunity for enhanced relationships, business ventures, family ties & loyal friends. She is an intermediary between you and the Afterlife, and can bring you messages and advanced information from the Otherside. She has the power to change your future for the better, helping you overcome the most difficult of challenges!

Dependable, bold, creative, down-to-earth and honest, Maleli, is eager to work her Magick in your life! She knows when one door closes, she has the key to many other doors for you! These gateways are much better for you than any of the previously closed ones! She is eager to create a protected and secure environment for you so that your life will flourish!

Maleli is an Interactive Spirit and will speak with you via mental telepathy, visions & dreams. In your dreams, it may appear as though the figure comes to life and is speaking to you. She will bring you messages and tell you secrets to becoming successful. She has been paranormally active and can exhibit any type of activity, such as: lights turning off/on, doors opening/closing, candle flames dancing, electrical disturbances, knocking on walls, cold chills, hearing chanting or drums, and seeing dark shadows. She will never intentionally scare you or those you live with. You can also utilize her while doing pendulum work, reading cards or performing your own Magick Rituals & Spells (Voodoo or otherwise).

Maleli’s chosen as her vessel is this intriguing fetish doll, composed of black cloth and beads. It measures just under 4” tall. No formal ritual required! Find a special place of honor in your home or business for this incredible entity!

You need no special abilities to welcome her! She is meant for the 1 Lucky person that feels inexplicably drawn to her! She will help anyone regardless of their Spiritual beliefs.

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