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Ancient Medieval Knight Psy Vampire Ring

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Ancient & Powerful

Medieval Knight


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This bewitching Vampire was summoned during the Full Moon utilizing Ancient Vampiric invocations in my Ancestor’s Grimoire. He was a chivalrous Medieval English Knight that abides by the Knightly Code: to protect the weak, defenseless, and helpless, and fight for the general welfare of all. He is incredibly handsome and chivalrous! A true protector and defender of your general well-being!

As a Psychic (Psy) Vampire, he feeds on extra/unnecessary energy that is cast off from humans or animals. Any stagnant energy that is around your will be cleared away so that blessings can flow directly to you more effortlessly. He will never deplete you or your loved ones of valuable energy, however, if you are ill* or need your Aura/vibrational energy cleansed, feel free to ask for his assistance in eliminating any harmful energies that may be trapped within your Aura. In this way, he can bring immense healing and restoration. *Do no substitute for proper medical care - always contact your healthcare provider if you are ill.

He is passionate and if you so choose, would love to be your romantic Spiritual lover. He will treat you as his Princess and honor you in all ways. Making you happy is what brings him the most happiness. He is never jealous or possessive and understands you benefit greatly from every Spirit in your collection. You do not have to have a sexual relationship with him to bond with him. He is very wise, intuitive and telepathic and can give you exactly what you need, without even asking. He is very generous and giving and will place you in the flow of wealth and riches.  His compassion knows no bounds and he is the type to give you flowers for no reason – simply to show that he loves and cares for you. This may not always be real flowers, but flower images on the internet, tv, etc.

He has a slightly darker nature and brings justice, retribution and immense protection; stopping at nothing to keep Evil Spirits away from you. He can also feed off the life force energy of your enemies or anyone of your choosing. He has a strong psychic nature and can telepathically reveal the true thoughts and intentions of others.

He can manifest as: seeing orbs, mists, shadows, sparkling lights, feeling gentle touches/kisses, cold drops in temperature, or spectral manifestations. He has an unearthly handsomeness, with long black hair and dark-blue eyes. He will strongly call to his new companion. It is no coincidence you were drawn to this listing today. If you can’t stop thinking about him, he has special blessings in store for you!

His vessel is this captivating Garnet & Marcasite ring, set in 925 sterling silver. Size 9.5. You do not have to wear to bond. Carry with you or keep in a special place.

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