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 Starry 1 Night


Mansa Musa Binaural Chants Infused Mega Money Multiplier Pyramid

$277.77 $777.77

Mansa Musa

Binaural Chants


Mega Wealth

Multiplier Pyramid

The Richest Man who Ever Lived
Magnetic Wealth Attraction Spells
Beyond Millionaire Fortune

This incredible Wealth Pyramid is from my associate, Maantefin, a Master Sahir Djinn Conjurer in Cairo, Egypt. His family has extensive roots in the Occult for centuries, and his legacy extends thousands of years B.C. Egyptian Magick is the cornerstone of all modern religion, occultism and Magick. Maantefin is respected and acknowledged as Chief Expert in his field and he provides only the most results-producing Talismans to the World Elites, Secret Brotherhoods, Royalty and Celebrities. Amazing wealth blessings will follow your purchase of this incredible piece!

The Mansa Musa Money Multiplier Spells open the door to all of the vast riches, success, wealth, happiness and luxuries you’ve been dreaming of! These powerful Ancient African Incantations are from Maantefin’s private collection, which contain the original papyrus journal of the Sultan of the Mali Empire, Mansa Musa. Known as the Richest Man in history, he is described as being “enormously wealthy” and “inconceivably rich.” Even by today’s standards, we cannot quantify the riches that he had or place a value on his worth! Not only was he incredibly wealth, he was also incredibly generous! While travelling through Cairo, he left gold and treasures along the road for people to find! These Spells unlock his hidden Secrets to obtaining lavish wealth & riches!

As well as the powerful Spells attached, this Pyramid has been immersed for 7,777 hours in prosperity and abundance binaural chants! This has created a unique infusion of unbreakable wealth-drawing energies! This Pyramid continually radiates these beneficial subliminal affirmations to gently alter your Alpha waves to attract abundance into your life! Perhaps in the past you have consciously made efforts to retain a positive state of mind with regards to attracting abundance, but you have not seen any changes. In this case, it’s very possible your subconscious is inadvertently negatively impacting your progress. The subconscious has powerful control over our conscious thoughts as well as our decisions and behaviors. The energetic wealth binaural vibrations programed into this Pyramid will help reprogram your subconscious so you are more open to receiving your desired financial blessings. This amazing Pyramid will automatically align with your energies and Aura, making your experiences individualized and unique to you! For example, if you are an entrepreneur or business owner seeking more clients, resources and income, this piece will adjust to fit your personal needs. Place it in your home or office to transform the surrounding energies to amplified, magnetic wealth-drawing energies!

Your purchase is for 1 Mansa Musa Money Multiplying Orgonite Pyramid, composed of black tourmaline, copper shavings and a center quartz gem wrapped in copper, set in resin. Attached to this piece is a special version of the Illuminati Seal of Solomon Wealth Coin; which also brings you all of the blessings of that incredible piece! It measures about 2.75" across the bottom and about 2.25" tall.  No formal ritual required, just place somewhere special and let it work for you!

Created with a special layered blend of natural and magnetic materials, Orgone devices radiate positive energy and transform negative energy. The center quartz crystal amplifies and centers these energies. Once placed in your Sacred Space, any type of stagnant or negative energy gets magnetically drawn into its core, transformed into a vibrant, healthy element, and is then emitted back into your environment. This piece is especially beneficial for those who spend a majority of their time near computers, laptops or cell phones, as you are exposed to high EMF’s and radiation daily. This can cause a variety of adverse symptoms in the body, especially at cellular levels, which grow into bigger problems. This piece will dispel electromagnetic radiation from these types of devices as well as absorb negative energies from other people. Many people report feeling happy and uplifted with better clarity and focus when near these types of items.

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