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Sicut Superius et Inferius As Above So Below Ring of Personal Fulfillment

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Sicut Superius

et Inferius

As Above

So Below

Ring of Personal



This Rare Occult Relic is from the Private Collection of Lord Sinclair. It was imbued in a Cloak-and-dagger Ceremony involving 3 powerful Secret Organizations:

The Illuminati

The Skull & Bones

The Freemasons

Top Leaders from each of these Powerful Sects performed their own intense Ceremonies with this Vessel, imbuing it with the Secret Codes of the Ancients. As new Owner of this Relic, you will be Spiritually united with them through this Vessel & become an Honorary Brother within each of the 3 Societies. Through prophetic visions & lucid dreams, the members will visit you as you astral travel to different dimensions in time and space, you will be shown valuable secrets and gain incredible knowledge to enrich your Life!

This Ring will bring you:

Extreme Fortune & Riches
Maximum Business Success
Respect and Admiration
Mental and physical capabilities to overcome all adversity
Makes you more Confident & more sure of yourself
Protection from All things Evil & Malicious
Astral Travel to Past Lives and Parallel Dimensions
Directs you to your true path in life
Allows you to quickly adapt to new situations
Conquer all challenges
Sharper Instincts to make the wisest decisions
Envelopes you in an Aura of Strength and Intelligence
Enhances your own Magickal Talents
3rd Eye Openness/ the Ability to Speak with All Spirits
Enhanced Clairvoyance, Instincts, Precognition and Telepathy
Overall Happiness

This Ring bestows you the Cosmic influences of Sicut Superius et Inferius (As Above So Below). It features 3 traditional pyramids and 3 inverted pyramids. With deep Occult connections to Ancient Egypt and Aliens, this Ring will bestow profound blessings meant for you alone. The phrase “As above, so below” is from the sacred text of the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus. It holds the key to all mysteries and the workings of the Universe, which is mirrored. Man's actions on earth parallel the actions of Divine. What happens on the visible plane occurs on the invisible/Spiritual plane and vice versa. We are all Gods, and the Divine is in us. The material world is an expression of the spiritual one and this ring brings manifestation to a whole new level. Your world is a web of which atom, mind, body and galaxy are intimately bound. When in unison with the universe in this way, you will gain Mastery of your Higher/True Self. It supersedes time, space and dimensions. You will learn the secrets of Physics, Science, Sacred Geometry and the inner workings of the Universe! Interdimensional travel, quantum jumping and shifting realities are a few more benefits to owning this ring! With this Ring in your life, your world will be transformed and fulfilled as you live the life you’ve always dreamed!

This Antique Ring features 6 Occult Pyramids, composed of unknown metal, Size 8. Its Energy draws you to it like a magnet! You do not have to wear; you will automatically be bestowed its blessings.

This Ring is not meant for just anyone. If it is meant for you, you will feel a strong attraction to it and you won’t be able to stop thinking about it! Take heed as it has special blessings in store for you!

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