Kabbalistic Fire Magick Sun Pentacles Solar Orb Ring

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Fire Magick

Sun Pentacles

Solar Orb Ring

This Ring is from my associate, Lord Sinclair. Utilizing the Ancient Invocations of King Solomon and harnessing the direct Power of the Sun, it was imbued during Guarded Occult Rituals by the Sinclair Illuminati Sect! It has so much to offer! You will be obtaining an incredibly powerful Occult Ring!

This Ring possesses the Powers of the Radiant Powers of the Sun, which will bring light and gold/wealth blessings to your life! It holds Secret Kabbalistic Fire Magick that can transform your life for the better! This type of Magick reads your hearts desires and automatically manifests your deepest dreams and desires. Fire Magick embodies passion, creativity and energy. It also brings destructive elements to put an end to anything harmful/malevolent that is holding you back from reaching your goals. It stops all evil influences so you can move forward unimpeded. Your blessings include increased: energy, stamina, sexuality, passion, love, healing, creativity, innovation, ingenuity, enthusiasm, protection, courage, strength, physical exercise, clarity, illumination and personal power. Your psychic abilities will skyrocket as you’re able to channel with ease.

Similar to using a Crystal Ball, you can gaze into the Ring in a dark room with candles lit, and you will see visions and signs appear in the gemstone. This form of pyromancy allows you to communicate and connect with all Spirits, including those who have crossed over. Through this form of Fire Divination, you’ll gain great knowledge and comfort by the messages they share with you!

This Ring was imbued utilizing the invocations from the Greater Key of Solomon as well as secret Doctrines known only to the Sinclair Sect of the Illuminati. It incorporates King Solomon’s Seven Pentacles of the Sun to bless your life!

This includes:

*Holds the countenance “El Shaddai” (Face of God), who all Creatures and Angels obey thereby bringing you anything you desire.

*Subdues those who are egotistical and arrogant, who are jealous of, or want to prevent you from, obtaining your wishes & plans.

*Brings Success, Riches, Power and Authority; your Kingdom is everlasting and will endure throughout the ages.

*Helps reveal secrets and that which is hidden; enables you to see Spirits that are invisible to others. Also reveals the true intent/motive/ thoughts of others, so you can see them for who they really are, not pretend to be.

*Invokes Spirits that can transport you quickly from one place to another through Astral Travel/OBE’s.

*Brings the power of Invisibility when needed. You will not physically disappear, rather, others will not take as much notice of you; allowing you to see, hear and observe unobstructed.

*Frees you from improper interferences, delays, unnecessary hindrances, imprisonment or arrests; bringing you freedom, liberty and justice.

This stunning ring features a large honey topaz orb scrying gem set in a sterling silver band, Size 10.75. Does not have to be worn to work as simply owning it brings you its magnificent blessings.

If you feel drawn to this Ring, do not hesitate in making your purchase! It is aligning with your Soul and has special blessings in store for you alone!

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