Ancient Egyptian ANKH Magick Heka God Blessings Box

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Ancient Egyptian


Magick Heka

Box of Blessings

This charming Box holds the power of Ancient Egypt’s Heka Magick! Imbued deep within a hidden Pyramid chamber during the Full Moon, the Mystical Ancient Egyptian Spells were brought to life! Taken from the Ancient Egyptian Coffin Texts, these powerful blessings change your fate for the better!

Heka Magick is extremely old and the foundations of all Magick practices today. It is the Ultimate Force of Manifestation and Life Supporting Energy. Heka is also the Egyptian God of Divine Magick and the personification of Universal wisdom. He provides empowers humans with the capability to pursue desires and have those needs manifest into reality in their lives. His blessings are directly channeled into this box! They will bring you wealth & riches, love, healing, protection, beauty, past life discoveries and increased psychic powers!

As a wishing portal, simply write down any desire you’d like on a small slip of paper and place inside for manifestation! It harnesses the power of the Heka God to manifest your dreams into reality! You could also open the box and mentally imbue your wishes inside. There is no limit to what you can wish for! Its powers are endless!

This can also be utilized as a Metaphysical recharging/cleansing and amplifying power-boosting box for any of your Spellcast or Spirited talismans. Simply place inside for at least 1 hour and your talisman will be pulsating with the power of Heka! This energy will envelop your Magickal and bring to light its most powerful attributes! This will result in more paranormal activity, more blessings and more results from them!

This is a light-weight, hand-crafted brown wooden box featuring a raised silver Ankh. Ankh means “life” and it gives new life to whatever is inside, be it wishes or talismans! This box measures just under 5”L x 3.25”W x 2.25”H.  Only 1 avialble!  Buy now if it calls to you!

All information will be included in your shipment. Warmest blessings! ~xo

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