Rebirth Grounding Transformative Ritual Oil Perfume Potion


“Rebirth” Oil

This Sacred Oil was Spellcast during October’s Full Moon and Re-Cast on Samhain Night. It brings a grounding Earth energy as one Rebirths through life’s challenges. It helps open the 3rd Eye, Spirit Contact, Astral travel, Spiritual journeying and the ability to recall past lives. With soft musks and other secret scents, it brings gentle and loving support as your energies are transformed and renewed into something greater. Especially helpful for people going through or having gone through difficult times and seeking something greater; be it a new job, starting a new business, divorce, or other life changes. Excellent to utilize during the changing of the seasons; especially insightful & uplifting during the dark winter months.

You can use it in your Rituals, Spellworkings, Meditations, and/or add to oil diffuser, bath, anoint your Ritual tools, home or wear as a perfume.

Additionally charged with 3 Leopardskin Jasper gemstones. These gems facilitate communication with Spirits and Animals (both physical and Spiritual). It is deeply connected to Shamanism, and helps reveal your personal animal totems through visions, dreams and daydreams. This is a stone of Astral Travelling, and OBE’s, helping you explore past lives and journey to other dimensions. It brings protection, strength, vitality, stability and a grounding nature. It attracts peaceful energies and helpful people into one’s existence. An often secret gem of medicine bags, it retains strong healing energies, especially for issues of a chronic nature. It helps relieve stress and brings tranquility during times of conflict and chaos. It will bring unity to all areas of your life.

Your purchase is for a 10 mL glass bottle, with a convenient roll-on applicator.

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