Esoteric Angels of the Council of Light Cross Amulet

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Esoteric Angels

of the

Council of Light

Summoned during several Sacred and Holy Rituals by Bishops and Angelic Sorcerers, this amulet is a Portal to the Esoteric Angels of the Council of Light. These remarkable beings eager came through and requested to be connected to this Cross to bless your life!

Thousands of these Esoteric Angels will automatically enter the portal to bestow gifts of Universal Wisdom, Healing, Love, Success, Wealth and Personal Empowerment. With their direct influence, anything you desire can be yours! They will naturally expand your inner wisdom so that you may realize your full potential and then set you directly on the best path of opportunities! These enthusiastic and friendly Angels will give your Aura a tingling glow, which will energize you when you need a boost or motivation. They bring deep, cellular healing, reconstructing DNA and repairing any di-ease within your body. They will bring visions, dreams and daydreams of past lives and your true soul’s purpose here on Earth. They attract positive people and situations to you so you can greatly advance, Spiritually. They can transform all bad luck to good and bring vast amounts of money & riches. The Council of Light Esoteric Angels will see to it that you are happy and living the life you’ve always dreamed!

These Angels are pure and radiant Deities who will bring you peace, love and light! They will provide you with increased wisdom, guidance, protection, wealth, profound joy & peace, a deeper spiritual understanding, reveal untold mysteries and connect you with others who have passed on. You will undoubtedly feel their closeness and hear them whisper! They will bestow you with a Multitude of Blessings!

These Angels can reveal themselves as soft glowing orbs, flashes of light and feeling enveloped in their comforting love. They also like to give signs and messages through songs on the radio. You can connect with these Angel through your prayers, dreams and meditations. They have been listening vigilantly to your prayers through the hemispheres and has pre-chosen someone very special that needs their help and guidance. It is no coincidence you happened upon this listing today! You have been brought here for a reason!

Their vessel is this breathtaking Cross with Amber gemstones set in solid .925 sterling silver. Free sterling silver Recharging Chain is included. It measures 2.75” long (including bail). Amber is not technically a gemstone, but is a fossilized tree resin, which gives it a very deep connection with life force energies. It can bring psychic protection and good luck. It is a strong healing stone that can bring you a sense of health and well-being while wearing. It balances your emotional state and dissolves negative energy. It heals and cleanses the blood and will help move energy throughout your body; getting rid of stagnant, unhealthy cells & energy. It rejuvenates the endocrine system, bringing healthy energy to all areas, but especially the stomach, liver and spleen (abdomen areas).

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