Kenyan African Angel Love, Money, Wishes Amulet

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Kenyan African Angel
Money, Love, Wishes & More!

This beautiful Kenyan Angel eagerly came through during a special Angelic Ceremony. She was summoned exclusively utilizing specialized oils, herbs and invocations from my Ancestors Grimoire. This lovely entity wants nothing more than to bless your life with her miracles!

With radiant beauty & power unmatched, this Divine Kenyan Angel brings you all you’ve ever dreamed, including Wealth, Love, Success, Happiness and your own personal wishes. She has a strong protective Energy and will make sure nothing evil ever harms you. She is wish-granting Angel and will manifest divine blessings in your life. She will ensure you have the best, most positive experiences in your life that will help your soul progress. She can assist you with Past Life work and lessen the effects from mistakes from the past so that your future will be brighter. She will give you guidance and inspiration and will assist you with all aspects of your Life. She envelops you with her warm and loving energies and surrounds you with impenetrable heavenly protection. She bestows you with increased wisdom, serenity, patience, boost in creativity, balance, good luck, spiritual grounding, honest communication, confidence, courage and personal empowerment.

You can connect with this Magnificent Angel through your prayers, dreams and meditations. She can manifest as orbs, mists, sparkling lights, or in human spectral form as a gorgeous brown skinned woman of ageless beauty with large brown eyes. She wears long white flowing robes and she glows with a soothing Aura. You will feel immense comfort and peace when you see or feel her energy. She gives answers through visions & meditations as well as physical signs, such as finding feathers or coins. If you happen to find these before your purchase, she is reaching out to you!

This lovely Angel has been listening vigilantly to your prayers through the hemispheres and knows things have been somewhat troubling for you lately. She has chosen someone very special that needs her help and guidance. It does not matter what your Religious practices or beliefs are ~ she know you need her blessings. You have been brought to this listing for a reason!

Her vessel is this Illuminating Seraphinite Amulet accented with a pearl and peridot gemstones set in .925 sterling silver. Free Recharging Chain included. You do not have to wear it to bond with her, you can simply carry with you or keep in a Special Place. Gorgeous Seraphinite appears to be made up of iridescent Angel Wings ~ the intensity of which changes with the brightness and angle of the light. It is often referred to as the “Stone of Angels” because of its higher energies and relationship with Angels. It helps contact Angels and communicate with them. Psychically, this gemstone is beneficial for intuition and psychic awareness. It is a purifying stone that helps one find one’s higher purpose and will. Once you make a Spiritual connection with a Seraphinite gemstone, your life will never be the same! Peridot is a stone of lightness and beauty and brings the power to form true friendships. It can help cleanse your thoughts of jealousy and anger, leading to peace, confidence, patience, and happiness. It is a powerful healing gem and can bring vitality to the entire body. Often referred to as the stone that "heals the healer" it is excellent for Reiki Healers, Shamans or those who assist in healing others. Working with this gem can connect you to your past lives as well as reveal the true purpose of your Soul's journey in this lifetime. It is an incredibly powerful wealth magnet, and brings immense protection. It stimulates your 3rd eye, pituitary gland and strengthens intuition. The Ancients considered it a gift from Mother Nature and stone of Spring with the power to reverse the aging process. Pearl brings purity, loyalty, integrity, beauty, luxury, love, romance, healing and good luck. It also brings happy, joyful energies and puts you in a good mood. Their energies have a calming and centering effect. They can help you connect with feminine/Goddess energies.

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