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Zodiac Constellation Astrology Spellcast Lucky Star Ring of Cosmic Blessings


  Zodiac Constellation



Lucky Star Ring

of Cosmic


I Spellcast this beautiful Star Ring with Powerful Astrology Invocations from my Ancestor’s Grimoire. These Spells can only be performed on certain Astral Auspicious dates and times, utilizing specialized incense, herbs and oils. It is a highly complex process, but the results create this impressive and effective Talisman!

These Spells are connected to all favorable Celestial phenomenon, including; Lunar Phases, Planetary Influences, Useful Retrogrades, Eclipses, Meteors, Comets and Constellations. This is not limited to just our Solar System, but is interwoven within a matrix through all Solar Systems in existence. These Astrological Energies will automatically align with your Aura, Birth Events and Zodiac sign to bring you profound personal blessings specialized to you alone. Those involved with Astrology (Horoscopes/Tarot/Psychic Readings) will strengthen not only their supernatural skills & perception, but their communication skills in relaying information to others. Barriers will be shattered and you’ll be able to feel more love, abundance and happiness. You will be Cosmically protected in all circumstances. This Talisman will increase your wealth and you will make impressive gains in your career and family life. It brings balance, peace & harmony, strength, confidence, motivation and personal empowerment.

These Spells will automatically begin working for you and give you the foresight to navigate any difficult situations that may appear throughout your life’s journey. It will give you the tools on how to make wise choices and move past problems with ease. It opens the Celestial windows to new opportunities, giving you exactly what you’re seeking, be it a new career, romantic partner, new home, etc.; good things will just seem to fall into your lap. You will flourish and obtain individualized blessings with positive, long-term effects!

This Ring features a deep blue cz Star set in solid .925 sterling silver, whole sizes 5 – 9 available, but sizes are limited. You will cherish having this unique Ring in your Magickal Collection!

All information will be included in your shipment. Thank you for your consideration! Starry Night Blessings! ~xo

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