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Angels of the Pink Ray Crystal Ball Portal

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Angels of the Pink Ray
Crystal Ball Portal

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…..Gain Supernatural Insight…..

…..Receive Important Messages…..

…..and much more!…..

This Magick Ball is a Portal to the Realm of Angels of the Pink Ray! These Angels are focused on bringing divine Love Blessings into your life! This includes bringing you love that matches your true Soul’s calling or strengthening the bonds in your current relationship. The Love Angels connect you with all positive and beneficial relationships, friendships, business relationships and personal contacts that you meet throughout your day. Positive people and influences will miraculously come into your life and you’ll feel uplifted, happy and fulfilled! These Angels envelop you in a soft Pink Aura, so others will feel more attracted to you, look up to you and admire you! Your radiant beauty will shine through for all to see!

This Crystal Ball is like having a Legion of Heaven’s Angels at your Fingertips! These Angels can also connect you with all other White-light Spirits such as Djinn, Angels, Dragons, Werewolves, Fairies and etc. You can also connect with loved ones, pets or anyone who has crossed over. Use it for divining & watch as images appear within the calming pink realm! Learn the answers to any question you may seek! Ask the Spirits anything and gain valuable information for your Life’s journey!

This Crystal Sphere was also imbued with my Ancient Powerful Magick! It will connect you to all Divine White Light beings and place you in the flow of all that is good & beneficial! Your Life will take on greater meaning as old obstacles are cleared and you’re able to truly focus on your dreams! This Magick manifests these dreams into reality and helps you to live life to the fullest! The proper steps you need to take will come easily to you through signs, visions & dreams. Because it is a Universal Energy Vortex, it places you into the Highest Levels of Energy flow of All the Universe’s helpful forces; wealth will flow freely to you, you’ll experience deeper healing and increased strength, your psychic abilities will skyrocket as your 3rd eye is opened & cleared. This is the Cosmic Stargate where Anything is possible! Relax in comfort as its indestructible Shielding Energies bathe you & all within your home in their protective Glow!

As your Energies automatically align with that of this Crystal Ball, your body will gracefully start to open and you’ll be more receptive to all Spiritual endeavors and you will be better able to communicate with Spirits; see, feel and hear them. Your Chakras (especially your Heart Chakra) will be cleared of all negative energy & debris. You will feel a boost in your overall energy, which in turn will increase your motivation to accomplish any goal, no matter how big or small!

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This stunning Crystal Ball of the Angels of the Pink Ray is composed of glass, with a 3” diameter and a vintage brass Angel stand. It measures about 6.5” tall. You need no special abilities to use or benefit from. The Angels will automatically come through to bless your life! This is truly a piece that will add a beautiful element of Angelic Magick to your Sacred Space and one to cherish for a lifetime!

All information will be included in your shipment. Thank you for your consideration! Angelic blessings! ~xo

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