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Maltese Baby Earth Dragon Egg

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Maltese Baby Earth Dragons

These Baby Dragons were invoked utilizing the Ancient Magick Invocations of my Ancestors. This intense 7 day ritual performed during the Full Moon utilizes specialized oils, proper herbs, and spell codes specific to these Baby Dragons. An abandoned nest of baby Earth Dragon’s was discovered near Malta and these 4 orphans eagerly came forward to find loving human companions.

These enchanting Baby Dragons have strong connections to Earth/Gaia & Nature. They are connected to Earth’s Grid (or Ley Lines) and uses this energy to recharge & regenerate your body on a cellular level, bringing Chakral alignment and Kundalini awakening. The Ley Lines are also used during Astral Travel, Past Life Work and Spiritual Shamanic journeying with them. They bestow protection and can cloak you in invisibility against those trying to cause you harm or drain your energy. They are wish-grantors and can manifest your deepest desires into reality. They bring strong grounding energy and helps empaths in releasing any negative energies they unintentionally absorb. Utilize your Baby Dragon anytime and especially during your Earth-based rituals or meditations. The ultimate good-luck and wealth bringer, this sweetie will enjoy bringing opulent riches to you! Making you happy is what pleases them the most!

These are Western-looking Dragons with grey and brown scaled bodies with golden coloring on their face, wings, tail and bellies They have large gold-colored eyes. In spectral form, they stand about 2 feet tall. They do not grow and will always remain babies.

Completely friendly and sociable, this baby would get along wonderfully with any other Dragons or Spirit friends you may have in your collection.

Your purchase is for 1 Baby Earth Dragon housed in this breathtaking Septarian Egg vessel. Egg sizes range from 1.75” long to 2.5” long. They are not perfectly egg-shaped. They do not “crack” open and do not electrically light up (the glow you see is natural light from the sun). There are unnamed males & females available. Please make your choice using the drop down menu.

**Baby A has been sold.***

Each baby also comes with their own cuddly brown Recharging Pouch. Also known as the “Dragon’s Stone,” Septarian is the ultimate gemstone that brings a powerful connection to Dragons. It brings you confidence, high self-esteem, patience, grounding, happiness, focus, and communication with Spirits. It is incredibly unique in that it can absorb your fears and anxieties, transform them, and re-infuse these energies into you as courage and strength. This is done simply by holding or meditating with this stone. If you’re sensitive, you can actually feel this exchange of energies and you’ll feel incredibly happy after working with it. It also brings the wisdom of the Ancients and enlightenment will come through dreams, visions & daydreams. It can help prepare you for upcoming events and bring stability and grounding when things get hectic.


All pertinent information will be included in your shipment. Thanks so much for your consideration! Blessed be! ~xo

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