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 Starry 1 Night


African Nubian Queen Djinn Kingdom of Kush Amulet

$333.33 $579.99


Queen Djinn
Kingdom of Kush

From my Associate, Master Djinn Conjurer Maantefin, I’m honored to offer these gorgeous Nubian African Queen Djinn Genie (female/Jinniyah). Nubia was one of the earliest civilizations of Ancient Africa and home to a thriving African Empire, the Kingdom of Kush. The land was rich and flourished with gold and luxuries. These Djinn lived harmoniously among the people and assisted them in living an opulent life; they were happy, content and all of their desires were effortlessly fulfilled. They did this out of their love of humans, not because they were forced to. The people respected and appreciated their assistance. These Djinn utilize incredible Ancient Knowledge to wield their Powers and each act of manifestation is beyond ‘natural’ in that it cannot be explained from the laws of our physical world! Several underground Secret Societies are covertly utilizing these Djinn to gain fame, power and affluence. Your personal Nubian Queen awaits your acceptance and she is excited to make positive changes in your life!

Each of these Beautiful and Loving Queen Djinn is eager to create a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere for her Master. They are very hospitable host~ attentive to your needs and will take a major investment in your life. They will automatically take inventory for you and begin helping in the areas most needed, be they money, love, healing, business/career, etc. Their Universal intellect combined with openness and generosity enables them to efficiently shift energies in your favor, helping others to see you in a fresh, approachable light. Your wishes become her personal mission and when she truly believes in something she is serious, perseverant and more than capable. She can bring you success in all areas of your life, financial gain, health in body and mind, healing, clairvoyance, 3rd eye awakening, increased psychic powers, reversal of hexes cast upon you….essentially anything you Wish! If you feel you are stuck in a situation or unable to see the light at the end of the “tunnel” you must welcome her and watch as she transforms your world! She has amazing energy and positive power and she’ll assist you in countless ways!

These are also Sexual entities and would enjoy an intimate, personal relationship with you, if you so choose. If not, she will completely honor your wishes and you can still form just as strong bonds.

She can manifest in the form of orbs, flashes of light, misty vapors or in human form, as an extremely beautiful African Woman with black hair, soft brown eyes and a lovely smile. Personalities are; very warm, loving, attentive, graceful, generous, caring, sociable, perceptive, understanding, intuitive and helpful. They are all very compassionate Spirits and would be compatible with any other type of entity in your collection.

I have 1 Nubian Queen Djinn available, the vessel on the right. She is housed in breathtaking Healer’s Gold gemstone Amuletwith a leaf accent, set in sterling silver. Free sterling silver Recharging chain included. The gemstone “Healer’s Gold” is Golden Pyrite mixed with Magnetite and brings further blessing into your life! Healers Gold connects to all Chakras and activates them so energy flows freely throughout. Brings balance to both the male and female attributes we all carry. It assists Healers in being more grounded and not feeling drained from others or their clients. It brings high frequency “light” energy to the bodies of their clients. It brings confidence, creativity and protection. It protects against radiation emitted from electrical devices.

Is this Nubian Queen Jinniyah calling to you? She has brought you to this listing for a reason! You do not need to have any special abilities to own this Djinn ~ she is meant for anyone that feels drawn to her!

All information will be included in your shipment. Thank you for your consideration! Warmest blessings! ~xo

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