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Banishing Cleansing Witch Ball Ornament



Banishing & Cleansing Witch Ball Ornament 

The perfect way to start the New Year is with positive, fresh energies in your home! For those celebrating Yule, Christmas, or your chosen Holiday, you’ll adore this Spellcast Witch Ball Ornament! Witch Balls originated in 18th Century England, when they were hung in cottage windows to ward off Evil Spirits, Hexes, and Ill Fortune. It originated among cultures where Witches were considered a blessing and they would Enchant the balls to protect one from Evils.

I Spellcast this beautiful piece with my Ancient Celtic Ancestral Spells for Banishing Evil Spirits, Cleansing your home & sacred space of lower energies, Protection from all Evils, Friendship and Goodwill between all the relationships in your life, Wealth & Unexpected Gifts, help guiding you towards your Life’s Purpose, and Joy & Happiness. Hang on your tree or place anywhere in your home to automatically usher in its positive blessings all year long!

Your purchase is for 1 Spellcast Witch Ball Ornament composed of glass and dazzling accents. It measures about 3 ½” wide.

Have a most blessed Holiday! ~xo

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