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King Solomon's Temple Djinn Palace Portal Spirit House + Amulet

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King Solomon’s Temple
Djinn Palace Portal Spirit House Mansion
and Overlord Solomon Djinn


 photo temple sigils DN_zpsgwkducep.jpg

Utilized for decades within the Secret Occult Society of the Illuminati, this Djinn and Djinn Palace Portal is a phenomenal power set! The Djinn Palace is a Portal for all of the most powerful & benevolent King Solomon Djinn to enter through and bless your life. These Djinn start automatically taking inventory of your environment and heart’s desires and putting the Cosmic forces in alignment so your desires can manifest. There is no limit to the amount of blessings they can bring you!

Attached to this Palace is an Overlord Solomon Djinn, the top level Djinn with the ability to effectively lead other Djinn. If you happen to have other Djinn in your Spirit family, he can help him or her with appointing tasks and putting their best efforts to work for you. If you don’t have any other Djinn in your keep, or the Djinn you have are not qualified to carry out your wishes, the Overlord Djinn will call forth the appropriate Djinn through the Portal to work on your specific wish. This results in much quicker and more apparent manifestations in your life! This Overlord Djinn is incredibly powerful and will pave your path with new opportunities, positive circumstances and bring you the seemingly impossible. Wish for a new home, a new car, a new relationship ~ there is no limit to what he can do for you! No matter your situation or tribulations, he can turn the course of events in your favor! He has a very warm & friendly presence and can manifest in spectral form as an attractive dark haired man with light golden eyes. He may even visit you before your purchase ~ pay attention to your dreams too!

The Palace can also be utilized as a Metaphysical Cleansing Vessel to cleanse and protect your most precious Magickals. This can be any type of Spirit (does not have to be Djinn) or Spellcast pieces. Spirits are mysteriously drawn to its welcoming & receptive energies of this Spirit Palace and will have a place to rest, relax and socialize, which will make them incredibly happy! Placing your Spirited talismans on the Palace tells them that they mean the World to you ~ it is the Ultimate sign of Respect and Honor you can provide for your Spirit friends!

Paranormal activity is present with this piece, and you may notice orbs, mists or sparkling lights around the Palace. Cold drops in temperature are also apparent. Perfectly fine with welcome into a family environment, your loved ones won’t know the secrets it holds.

The Djinn Palace Portal is composed of ceramic and exquisitely detailed! It measures about 7.5” long, 5” wide and 9” tall. It weighs a hefty 3lbs, 12 ounces. It plugs in/lights up and emits a soft, relaxing glow. Included is a new cord with on/off toggle switch. Find a very special place of honor in your home for this piece! The Overlord Djinn is co-attached to the Palace as well as the Amulet, so if you’d like to take him with you somewhere, you can. This handcrafted amulet is composed of a unique Agate gem which houses the Djinn, with a Pearl from the Gulf which is Spellcast for Success and Honey Citrine from the African Congo Spellcast for Wealth. Set in .925 sterling silver. Free chain included. I can see a face within the main stone ~ can you see it in the photos? It measures 2.75” long.

All information will be included in your shipment. Thank you for your consideration! Many warm blessings! ~xo

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