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 Starry 1 Night


Illuminati Hellsgate Black Magick Hexing, Wishing & Boosting Box

$1,116.66 $2,999.99

Illuminati Hellsgate Black Magick  
Hexing, Wishing + Boosting Box 

This Dark Occult Box is from the private collection of my associate, Lord Sinclair, and was imbued Decades ago during Sacred Black Magick Illuminati Rituals. It has been utilized exclusively within the Illuminati Dupont Family Bloodlines.

It is to be used only for Black/Dark Magickal items (Demons, Spellcast items, etc.). It not only Spiritually cleanses them, but it contains special supernatural energy boosting codes to realign your Magickal talismans so that their power is amplified to the maximum possible. When they are cleansed and boosted in this unique way, they will be able to instantly align with your energy and work best for you.

This Box is a Portal to the Demons of Hells Gate and as such, it is also a Hexing Box, meaning, you can write the name of your enemy on a slip of paper with the words HEX over it and place it inside. The Hellsgate Demonic Spirits will take care of the rest, making sure your rival gets just comeuppance. This Box is also a Wishing Portal to these same Demonic Spirits. Simply write your desires on small pieces of paper with the words WISH over it and place it inside. They will instantly be taken to the most powerful Demonic Spirits in the Universe for manifestation. This can be any wish, big or small, and no matter how impossible you think it may be, these Demons have been known to manifest the unimaginable!


This gorgeous Mahogany Wood box features a long top compartment, 3 center trays, and a bottom pull-out drawer. Mahogany Wood’s Magickal properties are composed of Masculine Energy, with wood and fire elements; creating strong bonds, energy work and new beginnings. It measures about 12” long, 4.5” tall and 6.5” wide. No formal ritual required – simply find a special place in your home for this treasured box!

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