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The Winners Circle Billionaire Illuminati Wealth Spells Amulet

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Winners Circle

Billionaire Illuminati

Wealth Spells

This Amulet was Spellcast in a covert ceremony by members of the powerful Illuminati Bloodline of the Sinclair Sect. These Ancient Spell codes involve sacred geometry and the power of numbers hidden within our world. These Cosmic numeric codes provide a clear and open channel for wealth to flow directly to the bearer of this piece. Before our birth, each person is assigned a Secret Universal wealth code number by the Divine Powers. These Spells will automatically align with your Aura, and activate these unique numbers of manifestation, thereby creating a personalized Talisman just for you.

The Winners Circle places you at the top. You’ve been working hard towards your goals and perhaps not seen the kind of wealth you’d like. This amulet brings you levels ahead of others, placing you within the inner circle of wealth and abundance. If you are seeking a new career, it will help bring you the one meant for you – where your natural talents can shine and you are rewarded profoundly for your efforts. It brings stable financial security so you can pursue your passions without worry. Debts start decreasing and real wealth starts to build. Any karmic ties to familial financial levels will be obliterated so you can attain what you deserve in this lifetime. It removes jealousy and the evil eye from anyone trying to stop your negatively influence your path to accomplishment. As for your advisories, you will be running laps around your competition as you take the lead in first place!

New opportunities will mysteriously present themselves to you and you’ll be placed on the path to meeting prosperous people and events at just the right time. This piece was designed to not only bring you the money you need, but to bring you extra, excessive wealth, reaching millionaire and billionaire status. These Spells allow you to not only benefit yourself, but those your love and other charitable organizations you are fond of. They realize when you help others, you are fulfilling a part of your life’s destiny and improving our world as a whole. Are you ready to take the spotlight and shine with your winnings? It’s your time! Embrace it!

Your purchase is for 1 Winners Circle Illuminati Wealth Talisman, featuring a horse within a horseshoe, accented with black cz gems, set in stainless steel. It measures about 2” long, including bail. Included is a 24” stainless steel open-link Recharging Chain.

All information will be included in your shipment. Thank you for your consideration. Many abundant blessings.

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