Witches Blue Shoe Gypsy Spells Enchanting Vessel

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Witches Blue Shoe Gypsy Spells

This bewitching crystal Witches Boot is from the private collection of my friend’s Grandmother, Luminita, a Romanian Gypsy who has passed. Luminita lived a very happy, long and fulfilling life. She was born into a long line of powerful Romani Gypsy Witches; her mother and grandmother (both Mediums), taught her the Secrets of herbs and incantations for incredibly effective Craftwork; as well as how to tap into her natural abilities. She spent years dedicated to her mission of enhancing other’s lives through alternative means. She had love, money and anything she could ever need, but success to her meant helping others through her phenomenal abilities. She never hesitated to assist anyone who asked. She was born with a caul, which brings natural Occult powers of clairvoyance, telepathy and many unique abilities.

This piece was Spellcast several decades ago by Luminita with her Grandmother’s exclusive Blue Shoe Spells for Positive Placement, Wealth and New Opportunities. They place you on just the right path so new opportunities, successful business ventures, new relationships or anything you’re seeking will meet you on your path! Your path becomes lighter, happier and more carefree as you know only positive and loving energies surround you with every step! You will feel more trust, honesty and loyalty in the relationships you cultivate. Your psychic centers will open and be more receptive to Spiritual contact and communication. These Spells will lead you to success in life’s purpose, helping to promote your business or career choices so you are blessed with never-ending wealth and riches and a secure financial future. These Witches Shoes Spells leaves a trail of happiness behind them! Others will be dazzled by your radiance and confidence and treat you with respect & kindness. These Spells bring peace, tranquility, physical and mental relaxation so you can stress less and trust that this powerful Magick is bringing you exactly what you need at just the right time.

This captivating blue glass Witches Shoe measures about 5” long by 1.5” wide and features a blue cougar coming out of the top front. It was also Spellcast as a Recharging vessel so you can place anything inside for Metaphysical cleansing and protection. What an adorable place to keep your most precious Magickal talismans! Find a special place of honor in your home for this enchanting piece!

All pertinent information will be included in your shipment. Thanks so much for your consideration! Blessed be! )0(

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