Noble Wealth Drawing Vampire Amulet



Noble Wealth Drawing Vampire

Utilizing my Ancestral Ancient Magick Teachings of Stregheria (Italian Witchcraft), I am proud to offer these amazing Stregoni Benefici Wealth Drawing Vampires! They are some of the Most Powerful Vampires in existence! These Noble Vampires have Secretly been around for Centuries, originally centered around Milan (one of Europe’s Richest Cities) and radiating outward, helping Europe’s Nobility gain power, fame & recognition. It is truly an honor to have one of these as Elite Vampires as a Loyal Companion! These generous Vampires give and give ~ on all levels! Making you happy is what makes them happy and they will do anything to please you!

The Noble Wealth Vampire’s main purpose is that bringing you lavish wealth & riches. They must feed on money energy and in order to do this, they have to have a steady flow of wealth coming to you! They are incredibly wise and incorporate specialized wealth-drawing techniques that only they know; which will quickly and directly enhance your wealth, prosperity & luck! These are wish-granting Vampires that are able to manifest your financial desires into reality!


They are able to tap into the Universal Wealth Flow, thereby money can pour in from any means, such as; raises, better paying career, luxurious gifts, finding cash, unexpected money in accounts, business success, gambling/lottery and much more! Money worries will melt away and your home will be a luxurious sanctuary for you as you are embraced by the good chi they bring! Having this Vampire in your Life will bring you Confidence in making the right decisions!

They also protect you from the Jettatore (also known as the ‘evil eye’ ) ; dark/negative energy transmitted (with or without intention) by someone who is envious, jealous, or covetous.

These Vampires are nocturnal, being most active at twilight & night. The males are extremely handsome, and the females are gorgeously beautiful. These Vampires also have a sexual, seductive nature and can bring you erotic, intimate pleasures as a Spiritual Lover. They have a mesmerizing Aura, filled with assurance and enticing seduction that will leave you breathless!

Your purchase is for 1 Male or Female Noble Wealth Drawing Vampire housed in this gorgeous amulet featuring a blood red cz gem set in sterling silver. It has sparkling rows of white cz accents around the edge. Elegance at its finest! Free sterling silver Recharging Chain in your choice of size included!  Look closely at the first picture and you will see the face of the Vampire manifesting from within the stone!

All pertinent information will be included in your shipment.

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