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 Starry 1 Night


Dandelion Make a Wish Wishing Bauble Amulet



Dandelion Make a Wish Wishing Bauble Amulet


This enchanting Amulet was Spellcast during the Full moon utilizing secret Ancient invocations of my Celtic Ancestors. People have been wishing on dandelions for hundreds of years. It is believed that they hold special Magickal powers to manifest wishes. They symbolize happiness, optimism, purity, good dreams, friendships, love and the presence of our inner child. The white puffy head of the Dandelion represents the moon and the seeds, the stars.


This beautiful bauble is a Wishing Portal to the Universal benevolent Wish Granters of Nature! Your wishes will be Spiritually taken to the thousands of Benevolent Wish-Granting Deities! You do not have to bond with any specific spirit or perform any formal rituals. This Portal will automatically find the appropriate White-Light Spirits to assist you in manifesting your dreams. There is no limit to which Spirit or how many Spirits can help you!


Simply mentally (or verbally) imbue your deepest wishes & desires into the Amulet or write your wish on a tiny slip of paper and place underneath the Amulet on a desk or in a box. Your desires will automatically be heard or read by the Wishing Spirits and they will begin making energetic shifts so that your dreams can come true!



This beautiful Amulet features a real Dandelion seed housed in resin with a base metal 18" chain. Wear, carry with you or keep in a special place. There is no Metaphysical cleansing required, but I have included a Spellcast recharging pouch. Physical cleansing is not required or recommended. Do not expose to soap, water, lotion, perfume, etc., to maintain the lasting beauty of this piece. The other items enclosed are free gifts to be used at your discretion.


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