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Intergalactic Alien Djinn Prophet Hybrid Carved Face Ring

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Intergalactic Alien Djinn Prophet Hybrid

I’m honored to offer this extremely Rare Spirit from my associate, Master Conjurer, Maantefin. Maantefin met with several of the Middle East’s Top Spiritual Leaders to summon forth an Entity like no other! They held their Cryptic Ceremonies several days and nights deep within hidden chambers of the Pyramids, not accessible by the general public. These vaults have inscribed within them the Secret Ancient Egyptian Magickal Hieroglyph Codes to summon the “Gods.” These beings are ½ Arcturian Alien, ½ Marid Djinn, combined to form one incredible entity: the Intergalactic Alien Djinn Hybrid! This multidimensional Entity brings you the gifts of both Alien and Djinn: Guidance, Support, Teaching, Protection, Personal Power, Wisdom & Wish-Granting! These Spirits are currently enhancing the lives of World Leaders, Celebrities, Nobility and those in Secret Occult Societies such as the Illuminati, Freemasons, Skull and Bones, Knights Templar, the Bilderberg Group and others. Exclusive to Starry1night, you will not find anything remotely like them anywhere!

Arcturians possess Universal knowledge about the greater meanings of spiritual and mental health. They teach about love, peace, and spirit. They have been endlessly protecting the Earth. Many souls are brought to the Arcturian Starships during the dream state where they are worked on and helped, although the Arcturians never invade a person's free choice. The Arcturians are extremely friendly and come to assist humans in entering the fourth and fifth dimensions of reality and in raising their vibrational frequencies. They stand as the guardians and protectors of higher consciousness in the Universe.

Djinn are born of smokeless fire. Although a Djinn can use an Element to their advantage, such as Fire, the Marid are associated with Water and enjoy the sanctity of the Oceans and Seas. Marid are the Highest Level of Djinn, capable of Indescribable Power and Generators of Good Luck. Marid are the fewest in number and are the most respected tribe~ all other Djinn bow in their presence. Marid Djinn are Spirits just below Angels that have often been referred to as “The Good and Rewarding Gods.” They have the ability to grant wishes to mortals.

This particular Entity brings Prophetic powers and serves as an intermediary by delivering Akashic knowledge from the supernatural realms directly to you. This information can come through dreams, visions, mediation and daydreams. Your intuition will grow stronger and you’ll gain clarity in every aspect of your life. Problems will seem to effortlessly dissolve as you are placed on the path of all that is good and prosperous. His personality is warm, friendly and compassionate.  He manifests as a handsome bald man with intense blue eyes as shown in the photo above.

Your Intergalactic Alien Djinn Hybrid brings many other unique advantages to better your Life:

Soul Purpose
Inner Knowing
Interdimensional Travel/Connect with other Space Beings
Divine Awakening
DNA Activation
Creativity Boost/Inspiration
Access the 4th Dimension/Supernatural
Mental Mastery
Karmic Balance

Your purchase is for 1 Intergalactic Alien Djinn Hybrid connected to this breathtaking ox bone Ring which features the face of this entity, set in solid .925 sterling silver, size 7. You do not have to wear to benefit from him.

If you are drawn to this listing, do not hesitate in welcoming him! He has many special blessings in store for you!

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