Home & Hearth Spellcast Incense Cones ~ See Manifestations!



Home & Hearth Spellcast Incense Cones

These cones are Full Moon Spellcast personally by me with formulas that were used by my Ancestors in Ancient times! This Special blend is called “Home & Hearth.” This is a delectable blend of cinnamon, clove and occult mystery spices which create a warm, centering blend that brings balance and calm to your Sacred Space. Brings Purification & Protection by dissolving negative energies and exorcising Evil Spirits. Can be burned as a Spirit offering ~ they love this inviting scent! Increases Spirit activity, contact and communication, Enhances Psychic Centers within your Physical and Spiritual bodies, enhances Astral Travel & OBE’s, Raises Vibrations for Spirit workings, Invocations, Divination and Rituals. Utilize this enticing blend all year long, but especially during the Autumn months & Sabbats; Lammas, Mabon & Samhain/Halloween.

One exciting way to perform Divination is through watching forms appear through the smoke of incense (also called Livanomancy). What I like to do is ask my Spirits questions and then take a series of photos. Then view the photos to see what images appear and how they would correlate to my question. As you can see in the photos with this listing, several interesting Spirits manifested! If you are having trouble connecting with your Spirit friends, try this form of Divination with any of the scents I offer!

Your purchase is for 1 package of 15 Home & Hearth Incense Cones. There is no special ritual you have to perform to enjoy these cones, simply light and enjoy!

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