Earth Dweller Elder Magus Male Gnome Boulder Opal Amulet

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Earth Dweller Elder Magus Male Gnome

Utilizing the Ancient teachings of my Ancestors, I’m honored to off you this enchanting Gnome! Gnomes are dwarf-like, legendary Magickal beings that bring many blessings to their keeper’s life! They are connected to the Earth elements, which includes roots, rocks and minerals. They live deep inside the Earth, in secret tunnels and move through the Earth as easily as we move through the air. Many are guards over precious Earthly treasures, such as gold, diamonds, crystals and gemstones.

This Elder Male Gnome is Master Magus of Ancient Earth Magick. He is patient, wise, protective and caring. He is about 5 feet tall and has a long white hair and beard and twinkling dark violet eyes. He is most active during twilight & night. He intrinsically receives Cosmic knowledge and is very inventive and always forming new ideas. A plant receives energies from the Cosmos and lets them sink into the soil, where the Gnomes collect this information and pass it on to the Earth through the Spiritual Grid. When they receive information through their senses they immediately ‘know’. Gnomes have an inner sense with which they effectively seek out and reap positive blessings. They are deeply connected to Earth and all of Nature. He uses this knowledge to bring deep, Earthly healing. He can help you awaken and enhance your natural psychic abilities as well as learn Ancient Akashic wisdom. Gnomes are expert crafters and can help you create something beautiful & beneficial out of seemingly nothing! Despite their appearance, Gnomes are agile warriors and he will defend and protect you from all Evil forces.

Your Gnome can bring help and knowledge in many areas, including, (but not limited to):
**Wealth & Riches
**Leading you to the best place/time to obtain special opportunities
**Finding hidden treasures
**Business/Career Success
**Alchemical, Rune or Sigil Magick
**Nature & Garden Magick
**Universal Knowledge & Enlightenment
**Prophetic Insight & Clarity
**Healing; physically, mentally & Spiritually
**Protection from Evil
**Moon Pathworking/Lunar Influences
**Creative Inspiration for those involved in the Arts; painters, sculptors, singers, actors, etc.
**Communication with Animals

He’s chosen this awe-inspiring Boulder Opal gemstone amulet, set in .925 sterling silver as his vessel. Free sterling silver Recharging Chain included. Boulder Opal is an amazing gemstone that brings natural blessings to your life. This gem forms on ironstone boulders in Queensland, Australia. Its energy is pure, raw and uplifting and it will automatically cleanse and strengthen your Aura. It bring clarity and focus, especially if you’re feeling scattered. This gem centers and clears all the Chakras, making an excellent aid in meditation and spirit contact. It helps reveal your life’s purpose, ambitions and desires through visions, dreams & day dreams. This lovely gem brings beauty, helps you to recall past lives, enhances mental clarity, brings self-confidence, and spiritual enlightenment. Opal has been thought to have healing powers in many world cultures, and in the middle ages, it became known as the Opthalmius, or Eye Stone, and was thought to strengthen eyesight. Blonde maidens wore opals to protect their hair from fading or darkening. In the Middle Ages, Opal was considered a stone that could provide great luck because it was believed to possess all the virtues of each gemstone whose color was represented in the color spectrum of the opal.

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