Illuminati Zeus Ring of Power, Wealth & Riches

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  Illuminati Zeus Ring
of Power, Wealth & Riches

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This ring was imbued several years ago in a Bavarian Occult Illuminati Cloak & Dagger Ceremony. It holds several powerful Illuminati Spell Codes as well as the All-powerful God Zeus. These Spells are for Excessive Wealth, Success, Attraction, Good Health, and Personal Power. Most recently this Ring was owned by a current Illuminati Billionaire, who felt it was important to offer it to someone that felt called so that they too can strike it rich! Not only financially, but in every area of your life!

Zeus is the Sky and Thunder God of the Ancient Greek Olympian Pantheon. He was the supreme ruler of other Gods and men. His symbol is the thunderbolt, because he controlled thunder, lightning and rain. Zeus, also known as the “Lord of Justice,” was chief judge, peacemaker, and protector. He maintained the laws, protected the poor, summoned festivals and bestowed prophecies.

Zeus’s energy is intense ~ like an approaching storm, when the air tingles with static electricity! This Ring is meant for anyone that feels drawn to it, but will be especially helpful for entrepreneurs, those who own their own business and/or hold a leadership role. Zeus brings you direction, new approaches and the drive to carry your tasks to completion with handsome rewards. Zeus brings lucid, psychic dreams which will reveal appropriate actions you need to take for a more rewarding life. He offers assistance & enlightenment on your path so you can form a much deeper Spiritual understanding. New opportunities, people and influences will come into light before your eyes. Zeus will protect your assets and bring real & stable financial security.

Zeus may visit you in dreams or visions, even before your purchase! Watch for signs, including seeing lightning bolt images! Zeus is a very rewarding and no-nonsense God and he effectively brings the ultimate in protection over you as well as justice in any situation. He is very protective and will stop those with jealous intentions. As quickly as a lightning bolt, your life can start to change for the better! Love, Money, Fame, Power…..the list is endless for what Zeus can do for you!

This incredible Zeus Ring features a faceted lapis gemstone with unique “lightning bolts”, set in solid .925 sterling silver, size 9. You do not have to wear the Ring to be bestowed its power, you can simply carry with you or keep in a Special Place. There is no formal ritual required. As soon as you touch or wear this ring, Zeus will instantly know your heart’s desires and begin working on manifesting them for you! Don’t miss your chance at owning this remarkable Ring!

The Energy from this Ring tingles in your hand! You may even feel it if you touch the image of the Ring on your computer screen! If you are drawn to this Ring, Zeus has made his intentions known! You won’t be able to stop thinking about this Ring until it is yours!


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